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Friday, February 19, 2016

Just Opened - February 19, 2016

New music in a variety of forms and traditional works performed with freshness and new intention.

New Music for Bassoon & Piano
Matthew Morris, bassoon
MSR 1547
ISBN# 6 81585 15472 4
more about Morris
A CD of new works for Bassoon and piano.  These works are part adventuresome, partly lyric... a good mix to display technical proficiency and the luscious sound of the bassoon.
VISIONE (selected songs of)
Luigi Mantegani
Roberta Canzian, soprano
Ena Ferrari, piano
Visione Music 2014
ISBN# 6 44167 15682 0
(available through many online CD resources)
My Delight of the Week!  This is an enhanced CD that includes sheet music files of the music.  Mantegani lived from 1894 to 1989, but the sound of these art songs remains very true to the Romantic era.  I can think of many pianists and sopranos who would be delighted to receive this CD, and the fact that the music is available with the listening experience is a wonderful concept.  Swiss/Italian composer Mantegani is best known for his religious works.  His art songs, mostly settings of Italian poets, have a clarity of melodic line reminiscent of Faure.  Canzian & Ferrari keep things simple and true to the text, to enable us to hear the composer's works in the most straightforward way... there is a purity here of tone (and intention).  A wonderful introduction to lesser known works that are ripe to be included in recitals of today.

The Art of the Chamber Orchestra
Book II
Malibu Coast Chamber Orchestra
Scott Hosfeld, cond.
ISBN# 6 14325 70812 3
Newman's works have been recognized in film scores and orchestras and commissioned works.  This is the second "chapter" in her recordings of her very accessible chamber works.

Orechestral Arrangements for Piano 4 hands
Shelest Piano Duo
ISBN# 8 88295 25659 9
They could both easily be cover models, but this husband and wife duo are immensely talented pianists with solo careers.  They also play as a duo and this CD is the result.  The timeless appeal of works by Smetana, Liszt, Tchaikovsky, Ravel and Gershwin.

Music for solo cello
Rhonda Rider, cello
MSR 1462
ISBN# 6 81585 14622 4
This CD should be of intense interest to cellists, both for Rider's technical prowess and for the wealth of unusual new works here.  The scrumptious voice of Rider's 1760 cello, and her musicality, give full nuance, emotional power, and texture to these challenging new works for solo cello.

Roberto McCausland Dieppa, piano
ISBN# 8 88295 14078 2
For many years now, Dieppa has used a logo of his hair and glasses as a signature.  This kind of negative space image says a lot about the fully integrated artistic approach that he has to his music, and also the modernity of his approach to recording.  (Humorously, in our presidential run, this logo of a shock of hair and glasses appears to be his endorsement for Bernie Sanders, whose campaign has begun using a similar image.)  Dieppa's performances are rich in nuance and tonal blending.  This Cd of "Encores II" are just that - well loved and immensely popular works - performed by a master.

Thank you for your support of Just Opened.
Kara Dahl Russell

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