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Friday, January 22, 2016

January 22, 2016

Many of our releases today feature women in Music, the Cecilia String Quartet, pianist Klara Min, and composer Stacy Garrop put forth a strong case for serious accomplished women.  Overall, today's program is one leaning more toward the "serious" music listener... with the accomplished soundings of Ensemble Caprice giving us seamless combinations of early and modern works, or the soundtrack to the feature film YOUTH, which combines many styles of music with traditional orchestral works and new works in a minimal vein by David Lang.

Klara Min, piano
ISBN# 0 34062 30045 7
My Delight of the Week!
Before the minimalism of today, we had the predominantly quiet and thoughtful music of Scriabin that was pointing toward the compositional world of today.  But he was pointing to this new musical thought while standing firmly in the basis of the melodic Romantic era, so that, to the modern ear, his works feel profoundly peaceful, with the soothing touch of reassuring melody.  Min has the technique to make Scriabin's sometimes challenging structures smooth as velvet, and the reassuring restraint to let the music unfold as slowly as an Iris blossom.  She has chosen works that fit together beautifully, to immerse us in restful refreshment of a musical oasis.
Voices of Eternity
Ensemble Caprice
Mattias Maute, cond.
ISBN# 7 74204 91322 9
Mattias Maute & Ensemble caprice have been on our air for at least a decade, with literate, studious, dedicated, sparkling, lively interpretations of early and baroque works.  This CD craftily contrasts new works by Maute in the style of his beloved eras with original era works into a
Cecilia String Quartet
ISBN# 7 74204 91322 9
Meant ENTIRELY as a compliment:  in a day when female composers rarely had sufficient training, and their work was dismissed as lacking, Felix Mendelssohn (and Chopin) were able to mine their feminine sides for music with lightness, classicism, depth and variety of emotion, passion and, in Mendelssohn's case, spritely humor.  The accomplished women of this quartet takes all these elements into luminous stride to create a significant recording of Mendelssohn's beloved quartets.

Orchestral Works by Stacy Garrop
CCPA Symphony Orchestra
ISBN# 7 35131 91602 8
If you love the power and punch of Beethoven's works, you'll find that here in these orchestral works composed by Garrop.   These are by no means classical works, blend world music and at quieter times, a pinch of new age minimalism with the force of thunder, and you'll get a sense of Garrop's work.   Works here inspired by mythology and ancient peoples.  Garrop's works are being performed and comissioned all over the world.  Hers is a name to know, and this particular CD is a great way to familiarze yourself with her sound.  IF she had been seeking to prove that women can compose music that doesn't sound like "a girl" wrote it, case stated and won!

YOUTH (soundtrack)
David Lang, composer
London Philharmonic Orchestra
Trio Medaevale, Sumi Jo, BBC Concert Orch.
ISBN # 7 31387 ?7592 8
A wide variety of performers and styles.  The film is about a composer, and how is world is composed of sounds.  New orchestral and chamber works by David Lang represent the works of the composer played by Michael Caine.  Orchestral excerpts by Debussy, Mercadante, and Stravinsky populate the score alongside a wide variety of pop music performers and styles.

A special thanks to all of you who support the classical music programming here on WSCL.  It is profound honor to be able to share this great music with you.   Join me again next week, for more new releases, Just Opened.
Kara Dahl Russell

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