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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Just Opened - October 9, 2015 Fall Fundraising Drive

This is the first Friday of our Fall Fundraising Drive.  You know the drill... if you love great "classical" music, and you want to be sure it is available in local programming on WSCL (shows like Just Opened), now is the time to support it!

National Brass Ensemble
ISBN# 7 51778  16677 0
Naxos label info. on the National Brass Ensemble
Traditional brass works by one of the all-time great brass composers, played by an award winning group of musicians.  'nuff said!

Yo Yo Ma, cello
Kathryn Stott, piano
SONY 10316
ISBN# 88875 10316 2 3
Gift Giver's Delight!  This CD just hit stores and on-line download on Sept. 18th.  Any release by Mr. Ma is a major release, and this time he is working with a long-time collaborator Ms. Stott. This is a collection of immensely appealing melody driven works, some of them initially intended for vocalist, all of them qualify as classical "pop hits."

Bartok & Mendelssohn Violin Concertos
Miquel Harth Bedoya, con.d
Norwegian Radio Orchestra
AVIE 2323
ISBN# 8 22252 23232 5
The Mendelssohn violin concerto is a favorite of many great music lovers, and is held here in interesting contrast with the Bartok.   Hadelich continues his meteoric rise adding breadth and variety to his recording palette.

Jake Schepps Quintet
Website of Jake Schepps
ISBN# 7 00261 40871 2
Jake Schepps and his folk quintet recently performed at the Avalon theatre in Easton.  This CD is part of a growing trend of what I call "concert folk."   These are new works - "concert works" - for folk quintet.  If the point being made is that these instruments are being played with technique and artistry, and true mastery, point taken without reservation.   Unfortunately, these works are neither fish nor fowl, not really appealing to those who come to hear the group play folk music, and the "orchestration" of the band means that the sound is exceptionally foreign to a traditional concert goer.  In their construction and "modern music" exploration, these works would be a challenge in any arena, and the works remain best suited to a jazz/folk crossover rather than folk/classical.  It's an interesting premise being attempted here, to legitimize the folk instruments without changing their balance or sonority. In the classical era, composers like Fernando Sor worked to legitimize the guitar by writing pedagogy and intensely appealing melodic works - and it worked - I wish there were a little more of that in these compositions.

James Brawn, piano
MSR 1468
ISBN# 6 81585 14682 8
This was the first of Brawn's "Beethoven Odyssey" and includes beloved sonatas like the Pastorale, and "To Therese" which was a personal favorite of Beethoven in an odd 2 movement form.  Beethoven felt it was equal to, or better than his popular "Moonlight" sonata.  We've actually been receiving these Brawn releases out of order from the label, so it's nice to get the first one, and recognize it as a wonderful "start" to the extensive and impressive series. 

Adrian Chandler, violin & director
La Serenissima
AVIE 2344
ISBN# 8 22252 23442 8
Official website for La Serenissima
Rave reviews from BBC3, Gramophone Magazine,  The New York Times, Early Music Review, The Classical Reviewer... it was only a matter of time until Chandler and La Serenissima tackled - what is perhaps THE seminal work of Baroque Repertoire - Vivaldi's The Four Seasons.  Fortunately for us, Chandler combines this well known and loved work with much less well known works for violin and bassoon, giving us a refreshing mix.

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