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Friday, March 27, 2015

Just Opened - March 27th, 2015

We began our new releases early today, with selections played from this first CD as part of our after-the-news-at-noon-series.

Mary Queen of Scotts & Her World
Parthenia (consort of viols)
Ryland Angel, tenor & countertenor
Dongsok Shin, virginal
Parthenia's official website
ISBN# 6 81585 14902 7
Featured today as part of our series "Courtly Love and The Cult of The Virgin" was a new release by Parthenia, dedicated to Mary Queen of Scotts.  We played the group of works from the Court of Queen Elizabeth I, songs and fancies.  Pathenia have performed at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, and have a growing international reputation for their warmth of sound, musical excellence, ensemble playing, and illuminating performances of historic music.  (Aired earlier today and this week, in connection with our after-the-news-at-noon series "Courtly Love and the Cult of the Virgin.")

Barbara Padilla, soprano
London Symphony Orchestra
Moon Moosic Records 1401
ISBN# 8 88295 06090 5
Classical Crossover Singer Padilla has come to international attention through her appearance on "America's Got Talent," but she had plenty of legitimate credentials.  She began singing in highschool, studying with the premier voice teacher of her home town, Guadelajara Mexico.  After completing her Masters in 2004 from Houston University's Moores School of Music, she was being cast in operas and also teaching voice.  She has been open about her battle with Hodgkin's Lymphoma and was expected to never sing again after agressive chemotherapy and radiation, but in 2009 she sang on America's Got Talent followed by a 13 week concert series in Las Vegas.   Her favorites include arias, masterworks, and lighter pop fare, and her style is now referred to as "popera."  This CD showcases her diversity with mixed arrangements, some works with orchestral backing, others with chamber group.

Complete Works for Harpsichord 
Karen Flint, Harpsichord
PL21401 - 3 CD Set
ISBN# 8 88295 07195 6
My Delight of the Week.  Karen Flint has incredible musical perspicacity.  Her body of recorded work for harpsichord, both solos and with the Brandywine Baroque continue to amaze.  Having recorded complete works of some of the better known french Harpsichord masters, she now provides us with a lesser known name, and intoduces many of us to the works of Nicolas Lebeque and Jacques Hardel. 

Trans-Cultural Bonding
Arkady Leytush, conductor/arranger
MSR 1518
ISBN# 6 81585 15182 2
Prolific living composer (born in 1932 in New York) Sisler has created a body of work that focuses on world peace.  These are orchestral works that blend in folk music and instrumental traditions from around the world.  Conductor Arkady Leytush of the Israeli Symphony Orchestra was orchestrator of many of these works, and conducts the various orchestras on this CD.  Sisler's interweaving of folk melodies from various countries help make these works very accessible, and the artistic intention behind the works warm the heart.

Oboe and Other Things
Colin Maier, oboe
CMCD 002
ISBN# 0 61297 44041 2
Multi-talented is an understatement for the ebullient performer musician Colin Maier.   Early on in his career in music, he incorporated his sense of humor and acrobatic skill.  He plays at least 13 instruments at a level of recording multiple parts on his CDs, and he has composer friends who have written works specifically for him to record all the parts.  He has traveled and toured extensively as a solo performer and with the internationally acclaimed Quartetto Gellato.  He programs his CDs with a variety that both "prove his mettle" and satisfy the listener with an interplay of works new and familiar, all with an ear to pleasing his audience.  His CD covers display his wit, and ... all this paired with a creamy smooth playing sound that has made him a sought after soloist with many groups and orchestras.

Special Thanks to our S.U. practicum Taylor Goebel for pulling together the pictures and basic info. on the CDs to help you find the music you like a little more easily!
Kara Dahl Russell

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