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Friday, November 7, 2014

Just Opened - November 7, 2014 - Give Thanks!

Before the Christmas rush, some new major international releases you may want under the tree, or just something to give thanks for, are joined with smaller releases that may be your special thing!

I just want to encourage our listeners again... BUY THE CD.  The portion of online download sales that gets back the artist or organization is smaller than for CD sales.  (You couldn't miss the articles this week about Taylor Swift pulling her music off one major music download source.)  
So, if you really want to support the artist(s), please buy the CD.

Joshua Bell
SONY Classical
ISBN # 8 8843 08779 2
Official Website of Joshua Bell
Bell is one of the most accalimed musicians of today and has the career and clout to enable him to pull together other big name performers to bring just about any project to fruition.  In the past 3 decades he has recorded more than 40 albums, including the great violin repertoire.  Now in his 3rd season as music director of the famed "Academy of St. Martin in the Fields," he turns his talent to seminal works of Bach.  Bell says "Bach is the composer who got me hooked on music in the first place."   This CD also includes a new arrangement of Bach's beloved Chaconne for violin and orchestra.  

Volume 9
ISBN # 0 90404 94272 3
Official Website of Poul Ruders 
Ruders name is synonymous with difficult new music for many listeners, so this CD of his piano music provides a welcome window to the simplicity and the melodic surprises within the modern framework.
Jackie Evancho
ISBN # 8 8843 08742 2
Official Website of Jackie Evancho
In advance of the holidays... the new release from the now 14 year old Jackie Evancho.  This is the release tied to upcoming specials and performances and marks the next phase of this young singer's progress.  It's hard to not feel connected to this child we've watched grow up, and this CD is sure to be a sentimental favorite as a holdiay gift.

Ceora Winds
ISBN # 8 88295 07613 5
Official Website of Ceora Winds 
My Delight of the Week!  Ceora winds plays mostly new works on this CD, so it is a joy to be able to say that almost all of it is melody driven.   Some works explore the possibilities of a peaceful bucolic sound,  and others offer the frivilous fun of Ibert or Poulenc, and then they toss in works of Piazzola and Pizzi to put on the icing of popularity.  Their musical selections are so good that it would be easy to overlook their beautiful sound production... so take a moment to sit back and appreciate the full complexity of their individual and group accomplishment on this CD.

SUNG JIN HONG (composer/conductor)
"Breaking Bad" and "Eye of the Storm"
One World Symphony
On sale Dec. 1st, but available online for pre-order:
"The CD will release on Dec. 1st and all net proceeds will benefit NYC's largest soup kitchen - Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen."   The ambitious and publicity-smart inception of the new works of Hong create a "hook" that is undeniable, and bound to create interest.  These works have been compared to Mahler; whether these challenging, largely anti-melodic, excessively dark works can create interest to continue the life of these works over time - is something that only time will tell.  What IS telling on this CD is the pairing and presentation of these new works with time-tested favorite orchestral works which beautifully show off the talent of the orchestra.  Works by  Ravel, Stravinsky and Britten bump up the melody quotient and give the audience something familiar, enjoiable, and demostrate the orchestra and conductor's real strength.  The fact that these musicians have come together in support of both new and established works, and such a great cause is reason enough to support this endeavor.

Thanks again to our SU practicum Stephanie Clark for her help in pulling together the pix, links, and info. on today's new releases.
Kara Dahl Russell

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