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Friday, November 21, 2014

Just Opened - November 21, 2014

A major release and some off-the-beaten-path releases, modern compositions for violin and orchestra, and for harpsichord, Russian Romantics for brass, and the pleasure of the guitar... all... Just Opened!

Anne Akiko Meyers 
London Symphony Orchestra
ISBN # 0 99923 77912 4 
Official Website of Anne Akiko Meyers
The London Symphony Orchestra conducted by Leonard Slatkin provide the backdrop for the outstanding solo artistry of Anne Akiko Meyers on this CD that focuses on the work of "modern" American composers.  The delicious melody of the Barber Violin Concerto is enough to attract any listener, and the Lullabye by Corigliano was actually written for Anne's child, and is unusually melodic for his music.  The Bates work will be new to most listeners.  Bates was a student of Corigliano, and this is one of his most frequently performed works, with fascinating and fun syncopations.   Akiko Meyers is justifiably becoming a world-wide favorite, with several of her recent releases hitting #1 on the Billboard charts.

Johnna Jeong
ISBN # 6 42820 01582
Official Website of Johnna Jeong
This debut release from guitarist Jeong is a pleasure, and will appeal to a wide variety of listeners.  Jeong's electic musical taste is reflected in the variety of works that flow from traditional classical guitar into the borders of folk, and of jazz.  Her degrees are from Virginia Commonwealth University and East Carolina University.  She performs regularly in a variety of venues, live and as a studio musician, she teaches and composes.  The packaging of this CD is very pretty, a nice reflection of the pretty mix of music here that is both smart and entertaining.

Pictures at an Exhibition
Fine Arts Brass Ensemble
Nimbus 5645
ISBN # 7 10357 56452 9
Official Website of Fine Arts Brass Ensemble
Most of our listeners know that I love brass, and these transcriptions for brass make it easy to love.  The major work here is the well-known "Pictures at an Exhibition."  It has been transcribed for solo piano and many other groupings aside from its well-loved orchestral form, so it is perfectly in keeping... and works quite well to arrange it for brass - especially since the repeated promenade is so prominent.  All the composers here are Russian, which makes for a nice grouping, and high romantic-era melodic content.

Elaine Funaro, harpsichord
CRC 2651
ISBN # 0 44747 2651 24
Official Website of Elaine Funaro
My Delight of the Week!   Funaro is an established name in the international world of harpsichord.  She infuses her love of the history and tradition of the instrument with a passion for solidifying the future of the instrument by having new works created for it.  This is a very accessible CD of new works for harpsichord, most of them somewhat based in classical forms, and most of them -while new compositions by new composers - are very melodic and easy to listen to time and again.  A real joy for anyone who appreciates keyboard works, and the special soundworld of the harpsichord.

Thanks again to our SU practicum Stephanie Clark for her help pulling together the pictures and information for this blog post.
Kara Dahl Russell

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