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Friday, October 17, 2014

Just Opened - October 17, 2014

The last weekday of our drive we present a variety of new releases, choral works based on poetry of African American writers, quirky works for winds and strings, a lyrical new group of Schubert transcriptions, and Lang Lang's new 2 CD set release of Mozart works with the Vienna Philharmonic.

Langlamet, Prohaska, Quandt, St. John
ANC 141
ISBN # 8 54853 00402 5
More about Marie-Pierre Langlemet
Official Website of Lara St. John
 My Delight of the Week!  Listeners are never surprised when I select a new harp release as my delight of the week... but this one truly is special, with something for everyone.  For whatever reason, very few harpists approach Schubert's works in transcription, and here the selections a made and played by one of the world's finest ... Marie-Pierre Langlemet.   She often works with violinist Lara St. John, and this is their new release.  It has tremendous variety, with a few solo impromptus, but mostly chamber works, including 4 songs, and - my favorite - Schubert's "Sonata Arpeggioni" played here as a harp and cello duo that is magical (Ludwig Quant joins Langlemet on that, and on a trio).

Three Choral Cycles on Poems by Langston Hughes
William Averitt
MSR 1509
ISBN # 6 81585 15092 4
Official Website of William Averitt
I suspect these choral works will have a long life due to their focus on the poetry of African American Langston Hughes. These modern compositions are rarely filled with memorable melody, but have the strong use of "choir as an orchestral sound" that is so much a part of today's choral music scene.  There are movements of each set that bring the big sound into the personal sphere.

Lang Lang, piano
Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra
Nikolaus Harnoncourt, cond.
SONY Classical 88843082532
ISBN # 8 8843 08253 2 1
Official Website of Lang Lang
The major release of the works of Mozart - one of the most popular composers of all time, performed by one of the biggest names in concert halls today, Lang Lang, conducted by a world renowned conductor, and the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra.   This is a combination made in advertising heaven and is bound to be on a lot of people's Christmas wish list... if they can wait that long to have it.  Also a great introduction to great works of music for those who are just building their classical library.

Beth Anderson, composer.
MSR 1434
ISBN # 6 81585 14342 1
Official Website of Beth Anderson
These new compositions are quirky and fun, and often very melodic - a great way to explore new music of a new composer.  The instrumental groupings add to the interest, with a variety of combinations of winds and strings.  New music is always for the adventuresome, and this particular CD has a lot of rewards for the listener.

Thank you to everyone who donated to support the continuing efforts of Delmarva Public Radio during our fundraising drive.   Also thanks again to our SU Practicum Stephanie Clark, for pulling together the websites and photos to help you find the CD you like.  Join us next week for more great music, Just Opened.
Kara Dahl Russell

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