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Friday, September 19, 2014

Just Opened - September 19, 2014

A girl choir, an under-appreciated female composer, fresh takes on early & baroque works, challenging new works for euphonium, and timeless lush film music.  It's ALL in the mix today, Just Opened.

Music from Lent to Easter
The St. Cecilia Choir of Girls
MSR 1426
ISBN # 6 81585 14262 2
Official Website of The St. Cecilia Choir of Girls
Here at S.U. we are having two performances of boy choirs this fall.  This CD (intended for spring of the religious year) shows the magnificent potential of girl choirs, an under-tapped musical resource.
Piano Music of Cecile Chaminade
Joanne Polk
ISBN # 0 34062 30037 2
Official Website of Steinway & Sons
Joanne Polk's Profile Page on Steinway & Sons
My Delight of the Week.  Chaminade's works continue to be marvelous revelations, especially in the hands of a virtuoso like Polk.  She has dedicated a significant part of her playing career to shedding performance light on the works of female musicians.  Chaminade's works, so often dimissed as merely decorative or charming, are shown here to have depth, and incredible technical demands within the beauty.  For anyone who loves great piano music.

Harmonious Blacksmith
ISBN # 8 88295 11270 3
Official Website of Harmonious Blacksmith
An "original instrument" group that goes back to original texts, compares historical texts by other performers of the original, adept at historically correct improvisation, and current compositions and improvisations.  They bring this vibrant mix into the performance of historic works and new works bringing excitement to the table.

Brian Meixner, Euphonium
Nathan Daughtry, Percussion
PM 1030
ISBN # 6 70541 35958 7
Official Website of Brian Meixner
New works, on the challenging side, for euphonium, percussion, and marimba on a few, too.  Two works we feature have the restraint and meditative quality of new age works.  Others will be for those who are really tuned into the world of new chamber works.

The Classic Film Music of Jerome Moross
The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra
SILVA SCREEN 6030 - 2 CD set
ISBN # 7 38572 60302 1
The City of Prague Philharmonic Official Website
More lush, wide open orchestra scores that helped define the era of the magnificent film scores.

Thanks again to Stephanie Clark, our S.U. practicum, for pulling together visuals and details to help you find the CD information you want from today's Just Opened.
Kara Dahl Russell

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