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Friday, August 29, 2014

Just Opened - August 29, 2014 - Concertizing Hollywood

We continue our celebration (from August) of the 101st birthday of Jerome Moross with a trio of composers, contemporaries, who were all famous for their work in Hollywood, and in the Concert Hall... "Concertizing Hollywood."

The Classic Film Music of Jerome Moross
The City of Prauge Philarmonic
Paul Bateman, cond.
ISBN # 5 014929 016122
Official Website of Jerome Moross
My Delight of the Week!  This cross-section selection of film music by Jerry Moross displays his particular gift for expressing wide open spaces of coutryside or the sea.  The syncopated, jazzy feel of the big river in The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (Suite) are laconic and lyric, and make it easy to see why his work has remained so popular.  His Romanze from "Five Finger Exercise" - a melodramatic potboiler that bombed both from controversial themes and post production PR cutting - has nevertheless remained a work that stands on it's own.  "Wagon Train," "The Valley of Gwangi," and "Rachel, Rachel" are film music scores that have become part of history, and remain highly infectious and listenable.

The Texas Music Festival Chamber Ensemble
TROY 301
ISBN # 0 34061 03012 6
Official Website of The Bernard Herrmann Society
Herrmann and Moross were contemporaries and friends at Conservatory, and then both went on to fame writing Hollywood film scores, while reserving their deepest ambitions for the concert hall.
This CD features chamber music of both, including (arguably) the best known chamber work of Hermann, his "Souvenir de Voyage" which shares thematic sensibility with his famously haunting score for "Vertigo."  Jeffrey Lerner is the featured clarinetist on that piece, and his playing is luscious and melting.  Herrmann's more adventuresome "Echos" closes the CD. The central work is Moross's Sonata for piano and quartet which displays his ability to create melodies that immediately sound like ages-old familiar folk tunes, then bounce them around amongst the players like a rubber ball.  Great musical fun.

Complete Works for Piano and Orchestra
Joshua Pierce
Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra
Kirk Trevor, cond.
MSR 1265
ISBN # 6 81585 1265 23
Official Website of Joshua Pierce
Official Website of George Gershwin
We had only played one cut from this CD today when we received a phone call about what a magnificent performance it was (referring to the Concerto in F)!   This CD of Gershwin works for piano and orchestra is sure to please, with the always top-notch playing of pianist Joshua Pierce, who has been a long term favorite here on WSCL.

A special thank you to Stephanie Clark, our S.U. practicum student this fall, for pulling together the photos, links, and CD information for this blogpost.  Join us next week for more great music, Just Opened!
Kara Dahl Russell

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