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Friday, June 13, 2014

Just Opened - Friday June 13, 2014

Romeo and Juliet for Friday the 13th, along with some all time great piano concertos, violin duos, and solo guitar... Just Opened.

Alfonso Rega's Symphony No. 2
"I Pomeriggi Musicali" Milano
Heinrich Unterhofer, cond.
For more information and purchase, click here
Last year when we featured a recording of Rega's Symphony No. 7 inspired by the tradgedy of Sept. 11, we received feedback on how grateful people were for hearing the work, and its beauty.  See Rega's website for more about his thoughts on creating music that is both new and melodic.  The result is music that is both sweeping and accessible.  The strong use of guitar in this work is completely legitimate for a southern European setting, and heightens the ability to easily attach to this episodic orchestral work.  Alfonso Rega's work is worth getting to know - his works can update your music library and keep things melodic.

Jennifer Koh, violin
Jaime Laredo, violin
Curtis 20/21 Ensemble
Vinay Parameswaran, cond.
ISBN# 7 35131 91462 8
Two violinists join four-ses to approach works traditional and new, in a celebration of the teacher/student relationship.  The works by Anna Clyne and David Ludwig will be too challenging for some, but they are a good touchstone of where concert compositions are currently.  By now the once outre work "Echorus" of Glass has become a bit of a standard, and it stands there pointing toward these two newer works.  The opening work for 2 violins by Bach is a very good grounding to start things off in this CD of magnificent performances.  An adventuresome selection for your music shelf.
Piano Concertos
Stewart Goodyear, piano
Stanislav Bogunia, cond.
Czech National Symphony
ISBN #0 34062 30035 8
My Delight of the WeekJust a few weeks ago, I was thinking to myself that the Grieg piano concerto doesn't seem to get much attention now... and then this CD arrives.  This Canadian pianist is taking the world stage with rave reviews.  These 2 seminal, powerhouse romantic era concertos are a very good start for a growing "classical" music library.

Mak Grgic, guitar
MARQUIS 144720
ISBN# 7 74718 14472 0
Grgic is a young guitarist whose reputation is on the rise.  This CD features classic, well-loved melodies from film scores alongside traditional favorites of guitar repertoire.  The inventive "concept" of this "recital CD" keeps it fresh and accessible.  When people ask me for a good way to "introduce" others to classical music, I often reach for a CD like this one.  The combination of guitar, great works, and film tunes make it an excellent, musically non-threatening introduction to the world of fine music.  Another good pick to start your music library.

Just Opened will take a Summer Vacation and return in the fall with more great new releases.
Kara Dahl Russell

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