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Friday, March 28, 2014

Just Opened March 28, 2014

Piano Sonatas ans Sonatinas 5
Susan Kagan, piano
NAXOS 572300
ISBN# 7 47313 23007 5
Susan Kagan's Official Website
My Delight of the Week.  Rarely heard piano works from Ries, a close friend of Beethoven whom Schubert praised for his "remarkable originality."  One listen will have pianists looking for his music....  "Unfairly neglected yet often substantial works" by a composer who worked and played alongside the greats.

Angele Dubeau, violin
and La Pieta
ISBN# 7 74204 87372 1
Angele Dubeau's Official Website
A perfect release to close out women's history month.  La Pieta is a renowned all female ensemble, led by the gifted violinist Angele Dubeau.  This group has crossed over all boundaries, from medieval music to video game music, always with musical excellence.  The arrangements here, as usual, are musically astute, a complexity that creates the sound of a much larger ensemble, but with an uncluttered simplicity that cuts to the heart.  Mostly modern works that Dubeau hones to total accessibility.  The particular slant of this "package" is new-age, with the goal being a CD of serenity that speaks deeply.  A sure-fire crossover success.

Paul Fried, flute
Bryan Pezzone, piano
ISBN# 8 88174 02347 2
Paul Fried's official site
Major works for flute and piano played by this duo of impressive artists.  We aired the exquisite Sonata Undine by Reinecke, and this CD also incluldes Schubert's Introduction and variations and Prokofiev's Sonata in D.  Fried was a child prodigy by any standard, has held a seat with the Boston Symphony, and now living in California, has played on over 200 film scores, working with the great composers of our day.  Pezzone is also regularly heard on film and tv soundtracks in addition to an extensive performance schedule as orchestral soloist, chamber musician, composer and jazz pianist.  He is Principal Pianist in the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra.

Gwendolyn Toth, organ
Jessica Tranzillo, chant
ZR 103
ISBN# 7 00702 80082 2
More Information on Gwendolyn Toth
Toth appeared here on the Delmarva Penninsula recently.  Here she focuses on the work of this contemporary of JSBach.  Very traditional organ music here, with the addition of vocals on some works, which makes for an interesting mix.

NOS. 12 & 13
Karin Kei Nagano, piano
Cecilia String Quartet
ISBN# 7 74204 87652 4
More Information on Karin Kei Nagano
If you want to catch a phenomenal young performer at the beginning of the career - to follow along, here she is.  16 year old Karin Kei Nagano has all ready won multiple international piano competitions, has been featured soloist with the Montreal Orchestra Symphonique, and has toured Munich and Bavaria.  This "simple" release features 2 Mozart piano concertos accompanied with string quartet.  It is very easy to imagine that this is exactly how Mozart heard his own work on a regular basis.  A marvel.

Thanks again to our SU practicum Jennifer Reeves for putting together the photos and CD information for today's blog.  In April, we'll be doing something new with Just Opened.  Friday afternoons we will just program our usual mix of music from our library.  We will feature our new releases in April as a noon series, "A Pleasure of Pianos."  A laser focus on piano releases for April, at noon each weekday, Just Opened.
Kara Dahl Russell

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