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Friday, December 13, 2013

Just Opened - Dec. 13th - A Keyboard Christmas

Today we have keyboard-centric music selections offered for Christmas, and something else... what was that?...oh yes... a new 2 set of "Greatest Tracks" by Luciano Pavarotti!

The 50 Greatest Tracks
London Decca 19228
ISBN# 0 28947 86208 6
Luciano Pavarotti 50 Greatest
It hit stores in October, and was sent to us at WSCL in Nov.  It's still just in time for the holidays, as a great trip down memory lane with great arias sung by one of the all-time great tenors.

Beethoven & Zemlinsky (Piano) Trios
Classics for Kids Foundation 201302
ISBN# 8 84501 97446 2
Viennese Gems supports kids
 My Delight of the Week!  The 3 performers on this CD are each regarded highly as soloists with an wealth of stellar reviews between them.  The combination of piano, cello, and clarinet is always something fun, and these selections are traditional and reliable.  It is a great joy to hear their combined talents on this CD, and a joy to know they are putting the strength of their established talents to support string programs for children.

Elaine Funaro
ISBN# 8 84501 84344 7
Elaine Funaro's website & CD info.
One only has to look at Funaro's instrument to know that she believes the harpsichord is an instrument of and for today... to which this CD eloquently sings testimony.  This selection of "Christmas Carols Past and Present"  present little known works for Noel by Daquin, Dandrieu, and Balbastre alongside modern works and arrangements of traditional carols in fresh interpretations.

 A Family Christmas
ISBN# 8 883 74479 2 8
The Piano Guys official website
The Piano Guys have been a cross-over favorite for several years now, taking moldy-oldies into relevant and sometimes irreverent new turns.  With undeniable talent and musical inventiveness, they have managed to make the old new, and bring along folks who would never listen to "classical" music & tune them in to chamber music.  Definitely not for purisits or those seeking quiet traditionalism - note the Yamaha piano and the carbon-fiber cello on the cover - this one is bound to expand their cross-over-chart-topping success for Christmas.

We still have more Christmas releases next week - Just Opened!
Kara Dahl Russell

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