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Friday, November 15, 2013

News for the Piano World - Salle Pleyel Announces Closing

It took a few days for the news to filter from French newspapers to British to NPR headlines, but the great piano maker of Chopin's favorite piano, Salle Pleyel has announced its closing.

As of today, their website does not have this mention, but you can still go to their website to see their exquisite, top-of-the-line, often one-of-a-kind pianos (and furniture).
Pleyel Piano website
(Be sure to look at designer pianos under "buy your piano" for some eye-popping piano designs.)

Here's a "news roundup" of the story reported in various world press:
France24 coverage (in English)
London Telgraph coverage
New York Times coverage
Wall Street Journal coverage

A HOPEFUL NOTE:  Even with the announced closing, the lid may not be shut forever... Just as Stienway pianos in the US had a buyout which allowed them to be a branch of a larger corporate stucture and continue production and a fair amount of continuity, something similar could still enable Pleyel to keep playing.  Steinway's new structure involves a connection with Sony and featured artsits, as well as a recent DVD on how pianos are made that promotes the showroom, the pianos, and the artists.  Pleyel having reduced it's production significantly in the past few years, focusing primarily on high end pianos (think: couturier dresses of the piano world), the future of Pleyel could hinge on being flexible enough to move into the new world of interconnectivity.

And finally, a blog post by Stephen Hough about the kind of pianos that virtuosos have at home:

 Kara Dahl Russell

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