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Friday, September 27, 2013

Sept. 27, 2013 - Just Opened

A mixy-mix of new & historic, experimental & melodic, simple & baroque, plain & operatic, composers & performers. 
In other words, new releases!

Piano Concertos & Concert Rags
Scott Yoo, cond.
Odense Symphony Orch.
ISBN# 0 90404 93992
Musto has alot to say on the piano musically, and these two concertos and two smaller works show a tremendous variety of "speech."  The first concerto is very challenging and reminded me of The Twilight Zone... which will not be everyone's cup of tea.  But then the piano rags take a well-loved genre and give it welcome and enjoyable twists.  The second concerto takes us to again a different, amusing and witty musical conversation.  This is a composer's name to learn and look for.

Scott Hosfeld, cond.
Andrew Shulman, cello
Maria Newman, viola
ISBN# 6 14325 65742 1
New works for chamber orchestra by Maria Newman.  Maria is the daughter of lauded film composer Alfred Newman, which puts her on an inside track with groups like the Malibu Coast Chamber Orch.  If this collection is any indication, she has a much more sure hand, and more to say musically in her works for brass.   Her works for strings seem more exploratory, less variety from one work to another, and uses the various voices in very much the same way.   The brass work is very accessible and would be easy for many chamber groups to add to a program. 

Warren Nicholson, classical guitar
Independent Label
ISBN# 8 29982 14404 1
for more information
My Delight of the Week!  Pleasing, realiable solo guitar works.  Nicholson is not trying to break boundaries are prove anything with experimental works, he is just playing well loved works by well known guitar composers. Music that makes you say, "Ahhhhhh!"
Davitt Moroney, harpsichord
ISBN# 8 84501 72200 1
This is a comprehensive collection of solo keyboard works by Couperin, played with excellence and sensitivity by harpsichord virtuoso Moroney.
Mark Abel
The Dream Gallery
DELOS 3418
ISBN# 0 13491 34182 8
Mark Abel's website
A song cycle reminiscent of Sondheim and the musical "Working," searing portraits of life in California.  Abel has won the Global Music Awards’ Award of Excellence for lyrics in The Dream Gallery. He has also received GMA's Award of Merit for creativity/originality.

 Join us next week for more new releases, Just Opened.

Kara Dahl Russell

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