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Friday, August 9, 2013

Just Opened - August 9, 2013 The Current Edge

 Today's new release scene, even in just the "classical" genre, is incredibly varied.   From pop/rock infusions in traditional classical works, new works by modern composers both avant guarde and traditional, to "simple" digital restoration of great performances of the past.  The buffet in "classical" is actually more varied than any other musical genre.   "Just Opened" was created for just this kind of variety - to give you a sample of what's out there, let you taste it, and decide which you want to add to your musical library.

David Garrett, violin
Franck Van Der Heijden, cond.
Guest Artists: Arturo Sandoval & David Foster
official David Garrett website
David Garrett was a child virtuoso in the concert world who decided to have his cake and eat it too.  The definition of cross-over, with a broader variety than most, he has a blend of classical, pop, contemorary and rock that will leave purists muttering and sputtering.  This kind of no-holds-barred blending of genres has proved very successful, and is exactly the kind of "souped-up" classical music that we see in PBS pledge-drive specials.  It has a broad appeal, and it is impossible to deny that while his rock-fusion Beethoven Scherzo is not traditional, it has the ability to introduce new audiences to classical music that might never encounter it in any other way.  He's the (younger, prettier) Mick Jagger of classical cross-over.

w/ Alfred Gallodoro, clarinet
ISBN# 0 90404 93972 3
more about Gallodoro
The Bridge label has been at the forefront of reclaiming historic performances, and giving them back to us in sparkling digitalizations of decaying tape or vinyl records.   This CD gives us the sparkling Stuyvesant Quartet (one of the first all-American quartets) in two Mozart quartets, and a quintet with Alfred Gallodoro.

Mormon Tabernacle Choir
Frederica von Stade
Thomas Hampson
MTC 8821
ISBN#0 783027 008821
about Mack Wilberg
The esteemed place of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir within the great choirs of the world is due in part to the leadership, settings and compostions of modern composer Mack Wilberg.   He seems to have his finger on pulse of what chord progressions are moving at the just the right place within arrangements, much like a great film composer - guiding emotional transitions with a deft, sureness.  The first half of this CD features his requiem.

Contemporary Italian Music
for Guitar Quartet
ISBN# 0 904 94012 5
info. on Guitalian Quartet
A true tonal variety of new works for guitar quartet.  Some works are quite challenging, deconstructing sound and attempting to use the guitar in new tonal ways.  Others make use of the lush traditional romanticism and give them a loving twist to create something accessible, melodic and fun.  Each guitarist a soloist and accomplished performer and teacher in his own right, they have justifiably had great success as a quartet.

Thomas Pandolfi, piano
Moravian Philharmonic Orch.
Peter Schmelzer, cond.
ISBN # 7 07541 86332 2
official Thomas Pandolfi website
My Delight of the Week!  Thomas Pandolfi has had an impressive international career.  From being a  full scholarship student at Juliard to his being hailed in Europe as the preeminent interpreter of George Gershwin of his generation, Pandolfi is a pianist to put on your radar and watch his continual rise.  There are so many fantastic young pianists, it is a joy to see one like Pandolfi that makes you feel that each year will bring something greater, and he'll be one you can follow and enjoy, and that he'll be around 20 years from now, astounding us all.

Kara Dahl Russell

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