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Friday, July 12, 2013

Just Opened, July 12

Modern composers for cello and for choir, paired with traditional Beethoven Sonatas, and Baroque Quartets... all with the icing of the voice of Placido Domingo.  Lots to choose from today, as Tom Hehman fills in for me while I'm on Vacation.

Roumi Petrova, Composer
Kalin Ivanov, Cello
Elena Antimova, Pianist
Info. on Petrova
MSR 1156
ISBN# 6  81585  1156 26
My Delight of the Week!  It's so encouraging to hear a modern composer working in such a melodic musical language.  I'd be tempted to call her work "Contemporary Romanticism," especially with the works here that mine Bulgarian folk melodies (in the Romantic tradition).  If you like to explore new music, but have overdosed on the anti-melodic... this is a breath of fresh air.  Completely accessible... and it gives us hope for a return of melody on a larger scale.

James Brawn, Piano
For Info on Brawn
MSR 1465
ISBN# 6 81585 14652 1
There is so much to choose from in solo piano renditions of Beethoven's work.  The work itself is plentiful, and many brilliant virtuosos getting recognition and the opportunity to provide great recorded performances.  We've been featuring many of these recently, and here is another for your consideration.  Brawn was an "infant phenomenon," with a debut at age 12, and these works have been part of his performances and life.

Palladian Ensemble
For Info on the Palladian Ensemble
LINN 5050
ISBN# 7 86051 50502 1
A laser focus on works for Baroque ensemble, works by Leclair, Handel, Telemann, and Quantz.  These works are staples for any music library.

Works by Mark Zuckerman
The Golden Keyt Singers
For Info on Zuckerman
MSR 1146
ISBN# 6 81585 11462 9
New Choral works by Zuckerman present a variety of musical faces, from modern, to melodic, to settings of traditional tales.

Just Opened Revisited

Placido Domingo, Vocals
Carlo Maria Giulini, Cond.
Los Angeles Philharmonic Orch.
ISBN# 0 28947  76613 1
Even when issued many years ago, this was a compliation "best of" CD.  But when the performer is Placido Domingo... that's a best worth revisiting!

Thank you again to our S.U. practicum student, Kelley McDonough, for her help gathering the images and info. to help you find the CDs from today's line-up that you want to add to your music library.  Join us next week for more new releases, Just Opened.
Kara Dahl Russell

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