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Friday, June 7, 2013

Just Opened, June 7, 2013 - Spanish Flavor

A mix of works this week, old, new, and classic, with the added spice of Spanish Flavor.

Augustin Hadelich, violin
Pablo Sainz Villegas, guitar
website for Hadelich
AVIE 2280
ISBN# 8 2252 22802 1
Thanks to Avie Records for the extra CD for give-away of this CD which is sure to be a hot ticket.  Violinist of brilliance Hadelich is joined by guitar master Villegas for major works by Piazolla and Paganini, and an unexpected twist on Sarasate's gypsy songs!  This is "gateway" music to make non-classical music lovers realize they might be missing something.  Hadelich will be appearing in Washington DC at the Kennedy Center on July 6th and August 6th.

Ekaterina Afanasieva
available online, many online retailers
website for Afanasieva
ISBN# 8 59709 28079 0
My Delight of the Week!  Afanasieva is the kind of performer that leaves you scratching your head thinking, "Why haven't I heard of her before?"  A beautiful woman with the  face of a cosmetics model, a great figure, and she plays like this, with precision, passion, style and excellence.  You may have noticed that even though I'm a harpist, it is NOT a given that a harp CD will be my favorite of the week.  This one is not just a delight, it is truly, completely engaging.  Spanish and latin music works played with precision, verve, exquisite phrasing... each one is a virtuoso showpiece.  (This is also another great "crossover" CD... many folks may not realize this is the harp and not the guitar.)  Her previous release showcased the traditional flowing, impressionistic, watery pieces that are expected from the harp, and this one provides total contrast.  This is not only musically excellent, it is the presentation of a smart, polished, savvy performer.  Excellent and exciting!

Vol. 4  (4 CD set)
RNW 123
Radio Netherlands Worldwide
available online, multiple online retailers
ISBN not available
Released in 2009, this is one of the continuing sets of great performances by Radio Netherlands that features a smogasbord of orchestral works and chamber works, traditional and modern - a bit more emphasis on the modern, 2 of the CDs feature contemporary music, some more challenging than others.  CD 2 features early instrument groups that remind us with their precision, clarity, and beauty, that the Netherlands is a hotbed of early music.

Piano works of Haydn, Schumann,
Liszt and Kirchner
Website for Tak
MSR 1375
ISBN# 6 81585 13752 9
Called a "thrilling blend of fury and finesse," Young-Ah Tak has the kind of international credentials that are the envy of performers twice her age, including the local interest of teaching piano as part of Peabody Preparatory program.

Volumes 1 & 2   (2 CD set)
Paul O'Dette, lute, guitar & cittern
Custer La Rue, soprano
and other vocalists
info on Paul O'Dette
AZIKA 72229
ISBN# 7 8786 72229 2 8
This magnificent labor of love seeks to set in music the 2004 reference work of Ross W. Duffin.   CD one features performances of works mentioned in Shakespeare's plays, whether the songs are actually meant to be sung during the play, or merely have lyrics mentioned.  CD two features secondary or lesser known musical settings of these songs, to give a sense of the variety that would have been performed, you may hear three settings back to back - in much the same way that lyrics may have been sung to various melodies in this time.  Paul O'Dette is the instrumentalist, with multiple fine singers adding to the love-fest for Shakespeare.  A magnificent gift for your favorite theatre major who loves the Bard.

Special thanks to our summer S.U. Practicum student, Kelley McDonough, for her assistance pulling together information and pics for today's blog post.
Kara Dahl Russell

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