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Friday, May 24, 2013

Just Opened - May 24, 2013

Shostakovitch &  Sacred Songs, Barcaroles & Beethoven.
Quartets & Choral, Cello & Piano.
New Releases.
Releasing & Borrowing.
As written & Transcribed.
Just Opened, today.

13 Barcarolles & Dolly Suite
Sally Pinkas, piano
and the Hirsch-Pinkas Duo
MSR 1438
ISBN# 6 81585 14382 7
Faure! Barcarolles! Pinkas is perfect.
My Delight of the Week!
Valentin Berlinsky Quartet
AVIE 2273
ISBN# 8 2225222732 1
The contrasting of a great, beloved Beethoven Quartet and the challenging quartet-ery of Shostakovich.  This CD is our "meat" course today.   Get a strong fork, a steak knife, and a sturdy napkin... it may take some work, but extrememly satisfying.

Transcriptions for cello & piano
Jonathan Aasgaard, cello
Ian Buckle, piano
MSR 1378
ISBN# 6 81585 13782 6
Mostly short works and songs with luscious melodies, "sung" on the cello.  This is an auditory chocolate layer cake.
Vol. 1 - Gloriae Dei Cantores
Elizabeth C. Patterson, director
GDCD 056
ISBN# 7 09887 00562 6
Now that our feeding time is done... we can raise our eyes to heaven, with songs of praise from early days, 1198-1609.  Some find the sometimes complex polyphony of early music hard to follow.  You're working too hard.  Take the firm musical flooring as a suspended bridge, allow yourself to be lifted by it.  Performed here by the highly regarded Gloriae Dei Cantores.

Just Opened -  opening up the world & the spirit.
Kara Dahl Russell

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