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Friday, April 26, 2013

Just Opened, April 26, 2013 - COVERS

A wide variety and a full course buffet today on Just Opened....  All that, and a give-away!  (Summit Records graciously gave us multiple copies of "License to Thrill" to give away to listeners.  Thank you!)
Today's new releases include some thrills, some bitter pills, a full repast, and time-honored snacks.
Today's show is called COVERS because the cover art so well matches the music inside.

SHUANN CHAI, fortepiano
Ludwig Van Beethoven
PPD # 011 (available online)
Postern Park Digital Recordings
A marvelous way to hear Beethoven's sonatas - on the instruement that he intended these pieces to be played on, unequal temperament and all.  Chai has wisely chosen the "big name" sonatas to showcase in this way, the original instrument making them sound new to our ears.  Beethoven notoriously disparaged his Sonatas... but time has proven even these "snacks" to be note-worthy.

Joe Burgstaller, trumpet
ISBN# 0 99402 60092 5
A varied "recital" CD by an accomplished performing, in interesting musical pairings.  With "covers" of Vivaldi, beloved Gershwin, new works and traditional works, this is a marvelous "gateway" CD to introduce friends and family to the classics.
Amelia Roosevelt, baroque violin
John Mark Rozendaal, viol da gamba
Avi Stein, harpsichord
and Claire Jolivet, baroque violin
ISBN#7 00261 31768 7
Exquisite packaging of this music matches the music inside.
My delight of the week!

The Lark Quartet
ISBN#0 90404 93792 7
The Lark Quartet joins with other musician friends on various works by acclaimed living composer, Higdon.  If you want to know what is current in chamber repertoire and currently winning awards (and performances), here we have excellent performances of new works.

Gloriae Dei Cantores
Elizabeth C. Patterson, Dir.
GDC 053
Acclaimed choral works performed by an internationally acclaimed choir, including a work composed specifically for the Washington National Cathedral.  These are big, serious choral works, not an evening of light chorus, but time has proven these works and the choir to be as meritorious and inspiring as the statue on the CD cover.

Lera Auerbach, piano/composer
Ani Aznavoorian, cello
ISBN# 7 35137 --372 0
Here we have the rough, jagged edge of new chamber composition by a versatile and accomplished composer.  What Auerbach calls "warm and melodic" makes one wonder if she is using the same definitions or creating new ones.  Taken in small doses, this modern musical medicine can indeed pique the interest, but large doses may cause a relapse in all but the most adventuresome.  Notice the cover of this CD.  Does it look threatening to you?  refreshing?  edgy?    intriguing?   This is another case of the cover beautifully matching the works contained inside.

I hope you found something musical to love, and to think about,  Just Opened!
Kara Dahl Russell

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