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Friday, March 8, 2013

Just Opened, March 8, 2013

 Chris Ranck hosts Just Opened today as we continue "opening" CDs for Easter, and other new releases.

Harmonies Poetiques & Religieuses
David Barela, piano 28022
ISBN# 8 29757 28022 6
Music suited to the lenten season and Maundy Thursday from Franz Liszt's overtly religous period.  Many of these are piano versions of works that were later orchestrated by Liszt.

Music for Lent and Holy Week
Choir of St. Ignatius Loyola
Kent Tritle, cond.
ISBN# 6 81585 11382 0
Choral music for the season of lent.  Composers include Palestrina, Byrd, Victoria and Tallis.

Harmonious Blacksmith
Early Music Ensemble
Joseph Gascho & Justin Godoy, Dirs.
available online
ISBN# 8 84501 40912 4
A lovely cross-section of early works (mostly 1500s).  About half of them include vocals.  The instrumentations are varied and perhaps the most remarkable feautre is the rave reviews this group has received for historically informed improvization.

Music for Fun and Dance
by Carmon DeLeone (cond. & composer)
Cincinnati Ballet Orchestra
Rose Hill Records 2471
available online at
ISBN# 6 17034 24712 9
Fresh orchestral and chamber works for ballet theatre, including an inventive work with narration and music, "Harper" (in a wind set, string set, and combination).  The Cincinnati Ballet is fortunate to have a conductor who is composing new works of this calibre... this is old school in the best way, when Ballet Theatres like the Ballet Russe were actively inventive and creative.

Villa-Lobos & Mignone
Frank Morelli, bassoon
Benjamin Verdery, guitar
Orpheus Chamber Orchestra
MSR 1110
ISBN# 6 81585 1110 2 4
The bassoon makes me swoon.  My delight of the week.  Frank Morelli teaches at multiple top notch music conservatories, and you only have to hear a few creamy, luxurious notes to know why he has gained international stature.   The largest part of this CD is Mignone's "16 Waltzes for solo bassoon."  The other works add orchestra and the whole package is very accessible.

Kara Dahl Russell

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