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Friday, March 29, 2013

Just Opened, March 29, 2013

We continue our month-long focus on Lenten and Easter music with selections from the Eaton Choir Book, and unusual works for bassoon and choir.
 - - AND - - just today we received this special benefit CD which we've worked into the program:

1-song CD  3:24 mins
Proceeds benefit Sandy Hook Elementary
MSR 9015
ISBN# 6 81585 90152 6
MSR records is one of our regular labels.  They are located in Newtown, CT, and put out this one song CD of Newtown Youth Voices as a benefit CD for Sandy Hook Elementary School.  Available on, and also at and

Music from The Eton Choirbook
Stephen Darlington, cond.
The Choir of Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford
AVIE 2167
ISBN# 8 22252 21672 1
Tudor music from the Historic Eaton Choirbook to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the coronation of Henry VIII of June 1509.  Recorded in 2009.  Works by Fawkyner, Cornysh, Lambe, Davy and Browne (ranging from mid 1400s to mid 1500s). Exquisite.

Trio Solisti
ISBN# 0 90404 93932 7
My delight of the week!   Dvorak, with his keen integration of folk music into his largely romantic-era sound world, is so dependable and universal in appeal as to be overlooked.  For gift-giving, or a new addition to your own music collection, we often look for things that we can easily pick up, that don't require much deliberation as a "safe bet."   Here it is!  Engaging, fun, melodic works by Antonin Dvorak, played by this world recognized trio.

Music for Bassoon & Chorus
Benjamin Coelho, bassoon
Timothy Stalter, cond.
University of Iowa Kantorei
MSR 1407
ISBN# 6 81585 14072 7
Works ranging from turn of the 1900s to modern, for bassoon and various groupings of choir voices.  Brazilian native Coelho has both a growing reputation as an international solo artist, and a diverse body of recorded work.  He is all ready in our library, and worth keeping an eye out for.

Piano music by Medtner & Scriabin
MSR 1326
ISBN# 6 81585 1326 2 3
Recently an artist said to me that while the normal phrase for persuing a life in the arts is usually "drive" he thinks a better term would be obsession.  Similarly, it may be a work of obsession, not a work of love, to focus the time, energy, committment and artistry on the challenging works of Medtner and Scriabin.  Fine arts had Van Gogh, and music had Scriabin, both legitimately brilliant and legitimately insane.  For full disclosure, the sound worlds of these two composers are largely unihabiatble territory for me, challenging to listen to, and technically challenging beyond the pale.  My hat is off to Feoktistova.   If you believe that Phillip Glass and John Adams are composers that everyone should hear, then this should satisfy your listening buffet quite nicely.  To be fair, some of Scriabin's work here - like Van Gogh -  is quite able to charm and with enough of the Belle Epoche wafting around its edges to make it go down quite smoothly.

Kara Dahl Russell

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