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Friday, March 22, 2013

Just Opened, March 22, 2013

We continue featuring works for the Lent/Easter season during Just Opened this month... the Christian calendar has always been a treasure-trove and inspiration for composers, and it continues to be so.  Taverner's "Lamentations and Praises" uses the passion of the cross as a starting point, and that is our featured Lenten/Easter CD for this week.

It should go without saying, but almost all new releases are available online, to purchase, and almost always to download as well.  Just do a web search on the name of the artist and CD and many options should pop up.

John Tavener's
Lamentations & Praises
TELDEC 41342
ISBN# 8 09274 13422 6
Chanticleer in conjunction with theHandel & Haydn Soceity of Boston Ensemble commissioned this major work for the Easter Season.  It begins with the "Descent from the Cross" and concludes with the resurrection in the tomb.

Symphony No. 9
Los Angeles Philharmonic
Gustavo Dudamel, cond.
Deutsche Grammophon 17969
ISBN# 0 28947 90924 8
A major symphony played by one of the world's major orchestras, conducted by a major musical heart-throb!  The first hour of Just Opened today featured all but the first movement of this magnificent work that Dudamel says he waited to conquer.

Deutsche Grammophon13960
ISBN# 0 28947 77557 7
We feature all the Mazurkas from this CD on Just Opened, but if you like the moodier broodier side of Chopin, it is here, too:  Ballad No. 1, 2 Nocturnes, and his piano sonata No. 3.

New Music for Oboe & English Horn
Michele Fiala, oboe & english horn
MSR 1403
ISBN 6 80585 14032 1
One of the trends in "recital" CDs is to feature exclusively new works.  This can be risky, as most "serious" composition is still largely atonal and - challenging at best.  Even an instrument as luscious as the oboe can be hard to take while it creates the edgy sqeeks and pops of dissonant compostitions - when the selections are all "new" it can feel like an "inside music" converstion that most of us are not privy to.   It's safe to say that those who play wind instruments will find things here that they love, and they will find other things that fascinate and inspire them. If you love the oboe and the english horn (as I do)... and you like to test your limits... it's a good test.

Andrew Rangell, piano
ISBN# 0 90404 92972 4
Three Opus 10 piano sonatas, and the beloved "Pathetique," played by a mature accomplished master.  This is informed, reliable music listening. (And also a good preview of our after-the-news-at-noon theme for next month:  The Sonatas of Beethoven.)
My delight of the week!

Join us next week, for more CDs new to us, Just Opened.
Kara Dahl Russell

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