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Friday, March 1, 2013

Just Opened, March 1, 2013

"MOSTLY ROMANTIC" era music on Just Opened today, along with the traditional vocal music of the Morman Tabernacle choir.

Piano Concertos
Martin Roscoe, piano
Martyn Brabbins, cond.
BBC Scottish Symph. Orch
ISBN#0 34571 17069 5
When presented with many good selections, I'm finding that rarity is often the factor that finally makes the final element of my decision, and just so, this is My Delight of the Week.  I recently heard a lecturer say, "the secondary composers of any era are important because they are part of the on-going musical conversation that shapes the melodic world of the few, first string composers."  It is an important concept to grasp, and we are so particularly fortunate in this day and age to be able to hear the works of "lesser" composers - perhaps even moreso than the people who lived during that era.  The Romantic era was so chock-full of great piano virtuosos.  CDs like this are a perfect example of lush, richly rewarding music that may be completely unknown to us.  A great way to take a musical break from your old standby favorites without leaving the Romantic era.

Goran Goyevich, clarinet
Voyislav Peruchica, piano
Backsplit Music & Media
ISBN# 8 44667 00588 2
A smooth recital CD from the Goya school of Music.  A pleasing mixture of romantic and early-modern (still very melodic) works that will have you looking for more clarinet music.  Often the prankster of the orchestra, this is a refreshing opportunity for the clarinet to demonstrate it's buttery sweet side.

Barbara Govatos, violin
Marcantonio Barone, piano
BRIDGE 9389A/D - 4 CD set
ISBN# 0 90404 93892 4
Opus 12 and 30 are especially highlighted in this 4CD set of Beethoven violin sonatas.  Both performers hold prestigious positions and respect within the international music community.   Any extended set of works like this demonstrate a seriousness of purpose and intention that "separates the (musical) men from the boys."  When two artists of this stature join forces, one can relax, take of the critic's hat, sit back, and enjoy.

Mormon Tabernacle Choir
Craig Jessop, cond.
MTC 0301
ISBN# 7 83027 56432 7
We'll be sharing a varitey of Easter music on Just Opened this season, and as we have never officially "opened" this 2003 release, it seemed the perfect place to start.  The reliability of the sound of the MTC, the beauty of their arrangments, their standard of excellence have made their name synonymous with the heights of fine choral singing.

Join us next week for more new releases, Just Opened.
Kara Dahl Russell

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