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Friday, February 15, 2013

Just Opened, February 15, 2013

Many new CDs juxtapose "classical" concert repertoire with modern works.  Greilsammer's new piano CD with Baroque and modern pieces in "conversation" is a prime example.  Our entire program today takes a cue from that, and we provide a mix of Handel and Britten, Cannabich and Zaimont.

David Geilsammer, piano
SONY 792 9692
ISBN# 8 86979 29692 3
4 pairings, each containing 3 keyboard works, baroque/modern/baroque.  This is the inventive package Geilsammer has provided for us, to provide a conversation between the old and the new.
Judith L. Zaimont, composer
The American Ragtime Ensemble
David Reffkin, cond.
MSR 1238
ISBN#6 81585 1238 2 9
Composer and Pianist Zaimont focuses on her ragtime works, in a variety of instrumental combinations, and takes the paino herself for several of them as well.  Lively, infectious, and fun!

Mattias Bammert, cond.
London Mozart Players
ISBN#0 95115 13792 5
My Delight of the Week!  One of our featured composers in the coming month for our "Maestros of Manheim."  By virtue of his working at Manheim, he would have been a major composer/conductor of his day... now largely forgotten, but... worth remembering and listening to.  Bammert and the London Mozart Players are one of several groups that have been re-exploring Cannabich in the past decade.  Released in 2006, this is a new addition to the WSCL music library, and contains several first-time recordings of his works. 

works for tenor by Benjamin Britten
Nicholas Phan, tenor
AVIE 2258
Praised for his "sharp intelligence, poetic insight and confident individuality," Phan choses to focus on the works of Britten for a second time (his first recital CD was Britten's "Winter Words.")  A combination of more challenging works, and very accessible arrangements of folksongs with a variety of accompanimnet gives this CD fresh levels.

Join us next week, for more new CDs, Just Opened!
Kara Dahl Russell

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