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Friday, January 11, 2013

Just Opened, January 11, 2013

 Basics: Baroque, Brass and Schubert today on Just Opened:

Georg Philipp Telemann
6 Concertos for 2 flutes
Hanoverian Ensemble
MSR 1113
ISBN#6 81585 1113 2 1
This reliable, world renowned, original instrument group provides us with first recordings of these concertos from Telemann.
My delight of the week!

Schubert Piano Works
no label
available on CD baby and Amazon
ISBN#8 84501 75139 1
Ukranian concert pianist born in Israel and now living in New York.  It doesn't get much more international than that.  WMDT-FM, the provider of many classical music programs for NPR stations nationally, is promoting this artist, and provided us with a copy of her new release.  Having all ready performed as a soloist around the globe, she feels a special affinity for the works of Schubert which she shares with us here.

Gaudete Brass
ISBN# 7 351-- 91362 1
New works for Brass Quintet, all written for and/or commissioned by this group of Musicians.  The works range from straight-forward and accessible (Cheetham's "Sonata for Brass") to impressionistic (Deemer's "Brass" which is almost like an avant guarde painting of brass instruments), and the experimental.  A sure fire hit for brass lovers, and a lot to love here for those who are just a little bit brassy!

Brandywine Baroque, with
Julianne Baird, Laura Heimes, sops.
Curtis Streetman, bass PLECTRA 20902
ISBN#8 84501 20962 5
 The 1700s was the height of the French influence on music all over Europe, with their court musicians and the music of the Paris opera considered the zenith of art.   Cantatas were not only religious, but also secular, and like much opera of the period, influenced by a knowledge and love of the mysteries & lore of  mythology.  As depicted in the beautiful artwork of the CD (note the luxurious gowns, outdoors, with the sheep!), the combination of highly ornamental fashions of the day, a naive impression of the pastoral "simple" life, and the story lines inspired by the basic of Greek mythology combined to create a highly ornamental (some would say artificial) form of art. This time period is a particular favorite of mine, and Brandywine Baroque continues to prove themselves to be an unending font of excellence in research and performance of all things Baroque. Contented Sigh!

Join us next week for more new releases, Just Opened.
Kara Dahl Russell

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