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Friday, December 7, 2012

Just Opened Dec. 7, 2012

We begin a month of Just Opened programs that celebrate Christmas and the Holidays, along with a variety of other CDs that might be gift-worthy.

Celebrating American Landscapes
Rick Sowash
ISBN# 8 8546714010 3
The chamber works of modern composer Rick Sowash have been staples on WSCL for several years now.  It's still early in the month, (and we have his Christmas CD on the way later in Dec.) so this music celebrates the American landscape with works inspired by particular places and regions of the country.

Brass Band of Battle Creek
MSR 1425
ISBN# 6 81585 14252 3
Traditional Christmas works played by a renowned brass band.  Just the thing to fill a stocking and play on Christmas day.
My delight of the week!

(20 visions of the infant Jesus)
Evan Hirsch, piano
MSR 1433
ISBN# 6 8158514332 2
Messiaen's work is never for the faint of heart.  Beautifully performed by Hirsch, many of these will still be hard sitting for many listeners.  For our particular Just Opened, we highlighted the most accessible and melodic of this recording, to give you a taste of what this CD has to offer, and to make the more adventursome listener and performer want a larger serving.

Vienna Philharmonic
Mariss Jansons
Song 3772
ISBN# 8 86919 13772 9
Each year the Vienna Philharmonic has the largest orchestral New Year's Eve party in the world.  We listen to last year's concert as we look forward to the one this year!

Jerry Casey
ISBN# 8 84502 69379 9
New works for choir by a living, working, award-winning choral conductor and composer.  This is not the CD for people who want magnificent voices and flawless production.  This would be very much of interest for working choral directors who want to find new material for their own groups to spice up their tried and true material.

Thanks again to S.U. practicum Erin Sweeney for her work putting the skeleton of this post together... getting the photos and ordering info. together to help you know how to get the CD you like.
Kara Dahl Russell

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