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Friday, October 5, 2012

Just Opened, Oct. 5th

We began our fall fund drive today, so while some of the selections were shorter, we hope we gave you enough of a taste of old, new, slightly askew and tried & true to give your musical palette a tingle.

Nick Peros, composer
Phoenix 01201
Modern solo chamber works by composer Nick Peros.  Some of his works are minimalist (think Phillip Glass), but he is clearly interested in being accessible to his audience as well, some works more melodic (think Fredric Chopin).  For our listeners who like to explore the boundaries of new musical territory... this is a place you'll want to visit.

Milos Karadaglic, guitar
D.G. 4795158
ISBN# 0 2894790063 4
This young quitarist is touring all over the world, with 2 new CDs that combine traditional repertoire with lesser known works, solo works and works with orchestra.  The packages presented are well thought out and immensely appealing... with a major label contract and high powered touring schedule, he is now, and will be one to watch.

Complete Piano Sonatas Vol. 3
Timothy Ehlen, piano
Azica 74261
ISBN# 7 8786712612 7
Part of a work of passion and commitment by a fine artist, this is a worthy and worthwhile part of a whole set; all of them excellent additions to your library of Beethoven
My delight of the week!

Johnny Greenwood, composer
The London Contemporary Orch.
Hugh Brunt, con.
Nonesuch 532292
ISBN# 0 7559796087 7
Films set in yesteryear always provide ripe territory for modern composers to evoke the past and also present new musical ideas, and have them recorded by top of the line orchestras and chamber groups.  This score also includes a few time-specific great voices, Helen Forrest,  (and personal favorites) Ella Fitzgerald and Jo Stafford.  Like much of today's modern scores, a large portion of it is repetitive and dissonant, the film is about a "religious cult" so most of the music is - appropirately - not soothing.

Sharon Ruchman, piano
Alyce Cognetta Bertz, Violin
Mary Costanza, Cello
ISBN# 8 8450142595 7
Speaking of soothing.... There are a handful of new composers who have been easy for us to add into our mix of generally conservative music here, and she is one of them.  Ruchman is a contemporary classical composer who has hit a dependable blend of a modern sound with romantic-era melodies, blended with her almost "new-age" mellow personal compositional voice that makes this new music for the conservative listener. 

Thanks again to our S.U. practicum Erin Sweeney, who continues to contribute to the blog by putting the "bones" of it together for us.   Join us again next week, for more great music, JUST OPENED.
Kara Dahl Russell

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