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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Just Opened Oct. 19

New works, new transcriptions, and new ways of viewing music, and the variety of choice that goes with all things new... makes this a new, notable, Just Opened.

Valentina Lisitsa, piano
Decca 17091
ISBN# 0 2894784572 0
"The most-viewed pianist on Youtube!" gets a big record contract and more legit cred. in this big label "recital" CD.  A wide variety of well known piano works.  If you're interested in this CD, why not do what millions of others have done... check her out on youtube... undoubtedly all the selections are available for download online!  This is the face of the "brave new world" of classical releases.

Tisha Murvihill
ISBN# 6 2366720773 7
Eleven piano-solo Intermezzos and one Rhapsodie by Brahms transcribed for harp by the harpist herself, Tisha Murvihill.   Part of any thinking harpist's repertoire is the mining of piano works to find ones that sit well on the harp.   To hear these as a group, one inadvertantly gets to also hear and think about how some sit on the harp so beautifully, one has to wonder why they weren't originally envisioned for the harp, while others of these do not sit so well on the harp, and really seem to "miss" the piano.  Despite the obvious similarities, and the saying that a harp is "a piano on its side,"  there are mechanistic and tonal differences between them, and transplanting these works brings those differences into clear view.  Brahms did write well for the harp... notably his beautiful songs for harp, horn and women's chorus, (and this was the springboard of the idea for Murvihill), so it is not a far stretch to see how other works of his lend themselves to an instrument that he clearly liked.   An interesting collection to hear for those who love the harp, and any lover of Brahms would be charmed.

Christopher Bell
Grant Park Chorus
Cedille 131
ISBN# 7 3513191312 6
Choral works (and choral competitions) have become big business and have huge followings.   Here we explore compositions by American composers.

Diana Barker Smith, piano
Vasile Beluska, violin
Alan Smith, cello
KVR 76427
ISBN# 8 8450176427 8
Dependable mainstream trios from Haydn and Tchaikovsky played by fine musicians.  I really enjoy small chamber works, esp. Haydn, so this is.... My delight of the week!

Daniel Barenboim
West-Eastern Divan Orchestra
London Decca
This big-release, 10 CD collection is available is several size groupings and type groupings.  Note that the 2 CD set is a "sample" CD which has isolated movements of various symphonies, concertos and sonatas.  If you're interested in these I encourage you to look up the information online and/or go to your local music store and look at all the sets to see which grouping best suits your taste and budget.

This Beethoven set is available in different groupings:
2 CD set ISBN# 0 28947 83513 4
3 CD set ISBN# 0289 478 3515 8
5 CD set ISBN#  0 289783511 0
10 CD set ISBN# 02894783549 3

Thanks again to Erin Sweeny, our S.U. practicum student for looking up all the details (esp. finding all the info. on the Beethoven sets)!

Kara Dahl Russell

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