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Friday, September 14, 2012

Just Opened, Sept. 14, 2012

 This week on Just Opened, a mix of modern composers, both experimental and melodic, traditional Elizabethan era lute music, and classical guitar duo.

Conrad Chow, violin
Bruce Broughton, piano
ISBN# 0 21475 01201 6
This wonderful "recital CD" proves that new compositions do not have to be atonal.  The majority of these new works give us great hope for new music that feels like the Romantic era is having an overdue resurgence.  A refreshingly "alpha male" violin virtuoso!  Conrad Chow's deft audacity in choosing all new works for this CD shows his elegance, nerve and verve. 

Symphonies and Miniatures for Orchestra
Kirk Trevor, cond.
Slovak Radio Symphony Orch.
MSR 1435
ISBN# 6 81585 14352 0
New orchestral works by composer James Cohn.  Cohn's work has moments that remind me a bit of Mahler.  The current trend of extended musical thought is not overly extended, which allows us "in" to the line of thinking.  The miniatures are lovely nuggets, succinct thought, like musical haiku, and the most accessible of the works.

BiBimBop Music 49774
ISBN# 8 85767 49774 0
Look under "Classical Chat" for my interview with Beata. 
Composer Moon funded her CD online through IndieGoGo and even let her online followers choose the final cover photo.  Her work is just as avante guarde, but some is accessible and the offbeat can make it very fun, like the asian themed work for marimba, "Wood, Water, and Land."  Fortunately she included a solo piano work which showcases her solo performance, and this is the perfect "encore" for the display of her compositional talents.  If you're a traditional Mozart, Beethoven "classical" listener... this may be too far in the modern direction.  If you're an indie music fan, this is a "classical" CD that will be an easy fit in your eclectic, cross-cultural listening.

Annette Heim, flute
Bret Heim, guitar
MSR 1428
ISBN# 6 81585 14282 0
MY DELIGHT OF THE WEEK!  Flute and guitar seems to be the new flute and harp, and that suits me just fine.  I personally prefer the blend of harp with lower, fuller instrumental voices, and something about the mellow fullness of the guitar and the piercing brightness of the flute compliment each other nicely.  What a joy to discover these works for the duo by Classical era Legnani.   The pleasing quality of Classical era music with the Italianate cantabile melody.  This is a perfect example of classical music that is an easy "entry point" for those who don't know classical music, and want to know where to start.  Great gift idea (and you'll want one for yourself).

Ron McFarlane
William Simms
Dorian Solo Luminous 92155
ISBN# 0 53476 21552 9
Ron McFarlane has long been a dependable source of lute music, beautifully played.  Here he doubles the pleasure with William Simms, playing duets from the age of Elizabeth & Shakespeare.  A nice variety of well known works by Dowland, as well as lesser known works by other comoposers.  Golden performances of works from the Golden age!

Join us next week for more new releases, Just Opened.
Kara Dahl Russell

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