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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Just Opened on "You Asked for It!"

Every Wednesday at 11AM on WSCL is "You Asked for It!" - we play music our listeners have requested.  As always, when we played "Americana" on July 4th, we had many of you tell us how much you liked it.  So today on "You Asked for It!"  we opened two new CDs of traditional Americana.

Rediscovering Old American Hymns
Members of the
Metropolitan Opera Chorus
MSR 1157
ISBN# 6 81585 1157 2 5
Traditional American hymns sung in a home-spun manner.  I was very happy to see a CD devoted to traditional american hymns, but to my ears these voices sounded - perhaps past their prime.  Most of our listeners have been a bit spoiled by hearing the greatest voices in the world on a regular basis.  For those of you who expect great voices and great choral work, this will probably not be up to your great expectations. 
             Conversely, for many of you who are just happy to hear traditional works sung by a chamber group, this still retains the meaning and relevance that these traditional hymns exemplify.  I know with certainly that this CD could hold great meaning for an elderly shut-in who is used to attending church but unable to do so.  While a CD of John Rutter's Choral work or the Mormon tabernacle might better suit those who are musically literate (or finiky), there are others who don't care so much about the voices, but would just enjoy listening to this, re-living being in a congregation and/or singing along. 

Rick Sowash (composer)
Amy Dennison, oboe
& The Aeolian Winds
ISBN#8 85767 82919 0
Rick Sowash is a modern composer whose chamber works have become dependable and welcomed by listeners into our line-up.  We didn't get to hear much of this one this morning, but in this CD Sowash combines his usual amenable blend of new-age and classical with thoughts and sounds of traditional America.  Sowash is a modern composer who understands that "the human soul needs melody."  We'll be hearing more of this CD as it joins our library.

We hope you enjoied hearing some Americana on "You Asked for It" today. 
Kara Dahl Russell

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