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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Just Opened, Friday May 25, 2012

Symphony No. 7
Daniel Barenboim, cond.
Staatskapelle Berlin
D.G. 479 0320
ISBN # 0 28947 90320 8
Overall a dark symphony, it has lyric moments - to the point that filmmaker Luchino Visconti, known for his love of Mahler, used Bruckner's music from this work.  Barenboim has been focusing on the works of the reserved Bruckner, recording many of his Symphonies with this world-class orchestra.

David Malmberg, guitar
ISBN# 7 83707 00590 4
Composer/guitarist David Malmberg records his own works.  Simple, singable melodies, beautifully played.  Many of these works evoke Spain, including the final work, "La Mancha Variations," a theme and variations in the classic style, where each variation represents one of the characters in the historic drama.

Heinrich I.F. Von Biber
Musica Antiqua Koln
Reinhard Goebel, leader
ARCHIVE474 965-2
ISBN# 0 28947 49652 6
2 CD set
I'm a fan of baroque music and original instruments.  Musica Antiqua Koln have carved a formidable name for themselves in the "early music" world.  Biber is not the most accessible of early composers and the specifics of this project, the varied tunings represented by the work, and works on the musical oddity, the viola d'amore, might make this more for the "hard-core vegan early music musician"  (a quote from a Brit com about die-hard early music fans).  For those who are used to your early music on modern/current instruments, the innate sound of these instruments may be off-putting.  For those who enjoy total early-immersion, here you have original sound in all its fresh oddity played by committed, excellent musicians.  This 2 cd set is a work of intelligence and love.

Live in Zaragoza
ISBN# 0289 478 2732 0
Released April 3, 2012
2CD set - recital and encores
Cuban pianist Prats was hailed internationally in his late teens, but the constraints on travel for a Cuban artist of the time meant he had to decide to stay with his family or have the international carreer that awaited him.  He stayed in Cuba and "fell of the radar" of the international music scene.  Now, in a story that gives us all hope, as a mature artist, with a change in political climate, he is finally able to reclaim his place on the world stage, and this Decca release shows his prowess and nuance in masterpieces and little gems by Cuban and Spanish composers.

John Adams
Angele Dubeau
& La Pieta
ISBN# 7 74204 87322 6
This all-female chamber orchestra that has risen quickly by word of mouth and critical acclaim alike, led by violinist Angele Dubeau, cut its teeth on more traditional fare.  It's most recent CD releases have mined the territory of classic film music, and now the works of composer John Adams.  Adams' music is challenging for many, if not most classical music listeners, but within each work are cuts that surprise and delight with melody, new combinations and contradictions of sound, and ... fun!

We hope you enjoied the music!
Kara Dahl Russell

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