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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Just Opened, March 23, 2012 Leading Ladies

We continue our focus on female performers this week for Women's History Month with this week's theme: "Leading Ladies." Heavy hitters Helene Grimaud, Renee Fleming, and relative newcomer Yuja Wang, join here with the chamber duo, The Cavatina Duo and Angèle Dubeau and La Pieta, as we begin celebrating 25 years on the air, and begin our Fundraising Drive. (Go to our mainpage and click the red "Support this Station" button to join in supporting Delmarva Public Radio.)

Silence, on joue!
Angèle Dubeau
& La Pieta
ISBN# 7 74204 87332 5
My Women's History Month Delight of the month!
Since the days of the girl bands of the 1940s, all-female chamber orchestras have been... a rarity, to say the least... but here is a great one, going strong. As you might guess from their name "La Pieta", they are often seen and heard playing and recording early works, but now they turn their talents to the modern and melodic, lush themes from film music. If you're looking for a CD as gift for that person that you want to introduce to orchestral music, this CD makes it an easy transition; and for film lovers the lyrical scores and melodies will bring back beautiful memories.

Yuja Wang
Deutsche Grammophon
In stores April 10, 2012
Magnificent "miniatures" from this piano virtuoso who is so often seen and heard playing major concertos with world reknowned orchestras.
Wang says that she hoped to create an atmosphere, almost a "scent" with these short works. With the theme of Fantasia, she also gets to relive the fun and fantasy of works that introduced her as a child to classical repertoire, including Liszt's arrangement of Sant Saen's "Danse Macabre" and a piano transcription of Dukas' orchestral work, "Sorcerer's Apprentice." Add Gluck, Scarlatti, Schubert, Scriabini, and Strauss to the mix, and start it off with several works by Rachmaninoff... magnificent!

Renee Fleming
London Decca 46543
ISBN# 0 28947 83859 3
Released March 6, 2012
An artist of the stature of Renee Fleming is fortunate to get to record works that she finds personally challenging and with special meaning. The exceptionally beautiful 3 song cyle for soprano and orchestra, "Sheherazade" by Maurice Ravel, opens this CD. The other works are challenging modern song cycles by Messiaen and Dutilleux.

Lara St. John, violin
Marie-Pierre Langlamet, harp
ISBN# 7 23721 60325 0
Violin soloist St. John, and orchestral harpsit Langlamet join their formidable forces into the soothing, stabilizing music of Johann Sebastian Bach. In an interview on "Performance Today," Langlamet mentioned that the violin can easily overpower the harp, and she admired the way St. John was able to match her tonality to create a beautiful blend. If you are a fan of traditional music, and looking for something to soothe the end of a trying day, this is the one to reach for!

Cavatina Duo Plays
Eugenia Moliner, flute
Denis Azabagic, guitar
ISBN# 0 90404 93302 8
Flautist Eugenia Mliner and guitarist Denis Azabagic are The Cavatina Duo, and here they play a wide range of the always popular composer Astor Piazzolla. From his lesser known Tango Etudes (arraged by Sergio and Clarice Assad) and his larger work, The Four Seasons of Buenos Aires, to his well-known and beloved works like Oblivion and Libertango, all beautifully performed by Cavatina Duo. Music that is easy to listen to and puts a little rhythm in your step!

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Helene Grimaud, piano
Mojca Erdman, soprano
Radoslaw Szulc, leader
Bavarian Radio Orch.
Deutsche G. B0016204-02
ISBN# 0 2894779455 4
Our listeners love Mozart, and this CD gives us a prime example of why they do. In addition to the music itself, we have here a magical synthesis of the music with the musician. Grimaud has a special delicacy in playing Mozart that brings the sparkle of delicacy to life... lifting Mozart's work out of history and placing it right next to us, effervescent and completely, immediately of today.

Kara Dahl Russell
Thank you again to our intern Chris Grindley who put together the initial pieces of the blog post for us.

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