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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Just Opened, Friday March 9, 2012

MUSIC MAVENS was our theme this week as we continued our Just Opened focus on Women's History Month.

Nicola Benedetti, violin
Scottish Chamber Orchestra
Christian Curnyn, cond.
ISBN# 0 2894764342 5
International beauty and violin virtuoso Nicola Benedetti shares her love of Italy and its musical heritage, exploring works from her homeland, focusing on works of the Italian Baroque.

Margot Dilmaghani, piano
ISBN# 8 0508299002 3
As mentioned in our focus on her "Listen to the Ladies" CD last week, Dilmaghani is a very purposeful artist, lending her talents to expanding the knowledge of female composers, and the blending of music with the support of others and creating beauty. The works on this CD are more for the more adventuresome of spirit, with works by modern female composers alongside works of a few late Romantics.

From the Court of Catherine the Great
Oleg Timofeyev, guitar & A.D.
Anne Harley, soprano & co-dir.
DORIAN 93244
ISBN# 0 53479 32442 9
My delight of the week!
Music from the turn of the 1800s Russia, purportedly written by Russian Princesses. It is unquestionable that the court of Catherine the Great gave great opportunities to women, and the turn of the 1800s was a time when daughters of the bourgeouisie could lift themselves in acclaim with talent and prowess in the musical salon. (After all, what else did an upper class lady have to do with her time? If she wished to spend it profitably, there were very few options available to women.) I would be remiss if I did not mention that these works "composed" by Russian Princesses were often arranged by their music tutors, usually men. Good teachers that they were, smart musicians who understood that to give their princess credit reflected well on them, and helped flatter and ensure their position... we may never know exactly how fully these were composed by the young women.... Fortunately the works from this period are so universally appealing that we have large amounts of musical "sugar" to help these historical lessons go down with ease!

Masumi Nagasawa, historic harp
Ashley Solomon, flute
Masumi Nagasawa has reached international acclaim for her skill, her musical selections, and the bredth of her repertoire. The core of her preferred work is for the single action harp, music spanning the late Baroque to the mid-Classical periods. She is also one of the international champions of that historic instrument. She is joined on this CD by Mr. Ashley Solomon, playing largely works from the late classical to early romantic... a period ripe with melody and ease. The persistant popularity of the flute and harp combination has withstood the test of time and the nay-sayers who think the sound is too "ikky sweet." The vast majority find this pairing pleasant and classic. This CD presents a variety of works that are both accessible, but not over-performed, the perfect combo.

Four Hand Piano Music Vol. 9
Silke-Thora Matthies, piano
Christian Köhn, piano
NAXOS 554116
ISBN# 6 3694341162 9
This indominable piano duo has perfected many volumes of Brahms' work for two pianos. Brahms liked the two piano form and made versions of many of his orchestral and chamber works for "four hands."

We hope you enjoied the music. Join us next week as we continue celebrating women who make music through Women's History Month
Kara Dahl Russell

** Special thanks to our intern, Chris Grindley, for pulling together the elements of this blog posting.***

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