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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Just Opened, Friday March 2, 2012

Last month for "Black History Month" we did a weekday series that focused on "Composers of Color." This month, for "Women's History Month" we're doing something different: Each JUST OPENED will feature the works of female performers. So this week, our title is JUST GIRLS!

Four Centuries of Piano by Women
Margot Dilmaghani, Piano
Celebration Recordings 007
ISBN# 8 05082 99007 8
Music from this CD is also featured in our on-air promo for our "Just Opened" focus on female performers this Women's History month. As if it were not enough to put together a CD of works by female composers, prepare and perform them beautifully, and make theaputic music a part of your vocation. Margot recently emailed me that some proceeds from this CD will go toward the support of closing an old neuclear power plant on the Hudson River. For more information on her many recordings, and on this effort, visit Dilmaghani's website:

AIR- The Bach Album
Anne Akiko Meyers, violin
English Chamber Orchestra
Steven Mercurio, conductor
ISBN# 0 99923 77852 3
Meyers is a violinist who can do it all. Her beauty makes her a publicist's dream. Her talent puts her in the top tier internationally. She is known for some recordings where her transcriptions really push the conventional envelope, but she can also breathe life into traditional standard works as she does here, solo-ing "in front" of the magnificent English Chamber Orchestra.

Orchestral Works
Various Orchestras
Various Performers
DACAPO 8.224138
ISBN# 7 30099 98382 2
This CD features works of the little known Danish, female composer, Nancy Dahlberg. While she composed mostly chamber works, her skill at orchestration is also shown in many works here. A few veer toward modernism, but for the most part, she remained in sync with the Romantic era sound of her teacher (for whom she often acted as an assistant orchestrator), Carl Neilson. If you are interested in exploring the work of female composers, and/or just investigating a little known composer, the accessibility of most of Dahlberg's work, and this CD with fine performances by various artists, presents a wonderful opportunity.

Caroline Léonardelli, harp
ISBN# 8 29982 10668 1
It will surprise some to know that often, my delight of the week is not a harp CD, but Leonardelli's talent, selection and depth of musical expression make this a "no-brainer" for this harpist.... My delight of the week.

Symphony No.4
Deanna Breiwick, soprano
Martingale Ensemble
Ken Selden, cond.
MSR 1373
ISBN# 6 81585 13732 1
The Martingale Ensemble here presents the restored score of the 1921 CHAMBER version of Mahler's 4th symphony. This particular transcription was known for retaining the power of the orchestration, but bringing the nuance and tenderness of chamber work to the more intimate sections. It remains that special. Soprano Breiwick also keeps her performance chamber appropriate, never overpowering. Mahler's 4th is one of his brightest symphonies, made more personal here in this truly beautiful transcription. Contented sigh!

We hope you enjoied these works by (mainly) women, tune in for more focus on female performers next week as we continue celebrating Women's History Month next week on Just Opened.
Kara Dahl Russell
*A special thanks to our intern, Chris Grindley, who put this blog entry together for us this week.**

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