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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

JUST OPENED, Friday Jan. 13, 2012

Bulgarian Songs & Dances
for Solo Bassoon & Piano
Maria Jeleztcheva Wilhaber
Tania Tachkova, piano
MSR 1363
ISBN# 6 815 85 1363 2 4
Taking her cue from the great Romantic era composers, bassoonist Wilhaber has taken traditional Bulgarian songs and dances and arranged them into chamber works for bassoon and piano. Some lively, others pensive, there is a real mix, not only in their pacing, but their style, some sounding very plaintively ethnic, almost religious, and others are dances. Unless you are used to hearing solo recitals, you might want to take this CD one or two pieces at a time, but it is a lovely selection of bassoon bon-bons.

Bagdasarjanz, violin
GALLO 1352
ISBN# 7 619918 135228
Bagdasarjanz was born in 1944 and seemingly began playing recitals a year or two later! These works by major composers are remastered recordings of moments from her remarkable virtuoso career. The process of remastering is now so good, these recordings sound clean and fresh, a great addition to any collection, allowing us to re-enjoy the mature work of a international violin vituoso.

Brahms & Smetana Trios
ISBN# 0 90404 93622 7
Brilliant basics played to perfection!
My delight of the week!

Frederic Chopin
Marjan Kiepura, piano
Patria Productions
American pianist, second generation musician, Kiepura has paid tribute to his Polish heritage by focusing a large part of his career on the works of Chopin. He has appeared internationally, playing at the Polish embassy in Britain, and winning awards. This CD is a reliable collection of Chopin works that could have been titled "Mainly Mazurkas!"... including also a waltz, a prelude, a polonaise and a nocturne.

3 Hungarian Sketches

Cello Rhapsody &
Hungarian Nocturne
Mariusz Smolij, cond.
Budapest Symph. Orch.
Mark Kosower, cello
NAXOS 572285
Rozsa is known throughout the world for his film scores during the zenith of Hollywood's golden film score era. The Thief of Bagdad, Spellbound, and Ben Hur are among his many iconic compositions for film. Here we get to taste his symphonic works. In the Sketches we get some of the flavor of his film works. The Rhapsody may feel the most "serious and legitimate" of the works, but the Nocturne is so deliciously romantic, it is impossible to resist.

We hope you enjoied these CDs, JUST OPENED.
Kara Dahl Russell

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