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Monday, January 2, 2012

Just Opened Dec. 30, 2011

This was our HAPPY NEW YEARS EVE Just Opened!

The Essential Masterpieces
5 CD Set
Vienna Philharmonic Orch.
Willi Boskovsky, cond.
London Decca 4780223
You can Waltz and Polka to your heart's delight with this incredible 5 CD set of favorite works by many members of the Strauss Family. The set relys on the mainstay of Johann Strauss Jr, but many works are included by Strauss Sr., Josef and even Eduard. To delight your dancing feet - My delight of the week.

Duos by Mauro Giuliani
Louise Schulman, viola
Bill Zito, quitar
ISBN# - 0 53479 21382 2
It has become fairly common to hear these works played with flute accompanied by quitar... but having the solo instrument be a viola adds a different cast, a more velvety, woodsy combination. Giuliani excelled in work that was accessible and likable, and it has stood the test of time and remains . Light works, sounding as rich as dark chocolate!

Apollo's Fire
Cleveland Baroque Orch.
Jeannette Sorrell, cond.
AVIE 2211
ISBN# 8 22252 22112 1
Apollo's Fire can indeed count themselves among Vivaldi's friends... their excellent musicianship on original instruments has lifted them to, and kept them upon the world stage. This CD includes works by Bach and a new work by Rene Duchiffre - a concerto for two violas da gamba, that ends with a tango movement, but never feels astray from the early sound that is the focus of this group and their fans.

Happy New Year - I look forward to opening more CDs with you this year!
Kara Dahl Russell

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