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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Just Opened, Dec. 9, 2011

The First Christmas Just Opened! ... the first one this year, that is. We' have another Just Opened devoted to Christmas on the 23rd... for some last minute music ideas.

Some of these are not new releases, but special sets worth remembering this year as you collect your musical gift ideas... with a few new releases tossed in.

The Colors of Christmas
Royal Philharmonic Orch.
The Bach Choir (David Hill, dir.)
John Rutter, cond.
ISBN# 6 02527 82212 9
John Rutter has made an international name for himself with his own compositions, and arrangements of traditional works, primarily, but not exclusively religious works. His arrangements are known for their ability to tug the heart-strings, so Christmas is a natural fit for his talents.

Matthew Larkin, organ
Caroline Leonardelli, harp
(no CD image available yet)
ISBN# 8 29982 13153 9
This is a new release of large, longer works for harp and organ, many written for this duo, others are transcrptions of works for harp & orchestra, with the organ filling the orchestra seat(s). Many of these cuts are 11 minutes are longer, so these are really "filling." Both the harp and the organ are associated with Christmas music, so this is a CD that sounds natural this time of year, but the works are non-seasonal, so it will be listened to year round.

The Netherlands Bach Society
Jos Van Veldhoven, cond.
2 CD set
This is an exceptionally beautiful packaging of an exceptional set. The deep wine flocked covered box holds a luxurious picture and information book, in addition to the two CD set of Bach Oratorios: Cantatas for Christmas Day, 2nd Day of Christmas, 3rd Day of Christmas, New Year's Day, the Sunday After New Year's Day, and for Epiphany. It's enough to give you a musical epiphany! A magnificent set, a marvelous gift. First available in 2003, this remains a treasure. My delight of the week.

17 Historic Pipe Organs,
The Bayous to Natchez
various organists
2 CD set
OHS 89
(Organ Historcal Society)
ISBN# 0 34069 60892 1
The organ has been closely associated with religious works, and therefore Christmas, for centuries. This 2 CD set explores some of that tradition, but also explores dances, marches, fantasias and fireworks for and on the organ. The set includes a 16 page booklet with pictures of the historic organs played and recorded for this set.

CTS 1211
ISBN# 0 55020 12112 9
Certainly the foremost men's chorus in the United States, Cantus rivals any men's chorus in the world. Their accapella recordings of traditional and world music have crossed all boundaries on the music Charts. This is their new release for Christmas 2011.

Carols & Chants for Christmas
Anonymous 4
4 CD set
The four titles of the CDs in this set are: 1) Legends of St. Nicholas - medieval European Chant and Polyphony, 2) Wolcum Yule - Celtic and British Songs and Carols, 3) On Yools Night - Medieval Carols and Motets, and 4) A Star in the East - Medieval Hungarian Christmas Music. Previously released separately, and this set released in 2005, it remains a fantastic gift for those interested in early music and flawlessly blended accapella singing. Anonymous 4 is another group whose popularity has crossed all musical borders.

We hope these CD have sparked the gift-giving spirit for your holiday!
Just Opened returns next week with some suggestions for Hannukah gift-giving.
We hope your holidays are filled with beautiful music!
Kara Dahl Russell

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