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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Just Opened, Nov. 25, 2011

Gustav Mahler
Stuttgart Radio Symphony Orch.
Roger Norrington, cond.
Hanssler 93.165
ISBN# 4 010276 01845 2
Yes, this is the one. This is the symphony with the adagio movement that causes our minds and hearts to take an out of body experience. It is all too easy to forget how magnificent the entire symphony is. Mmmm-Mahler's delight of the week!

Simon Bolivar Youth Orch.
of Venezuela
Gustavo Dudamel, cond.
D.G. 787 754
ISBN# 0 28947 78775 4
While all rave about the ability of a huge, young orchestra to approach works of this difficulty, critics are mixed (at best) on whether the size and youth of the orchestra is the best for Stravinsky's ground-breaking work. Paired here with a work often compared to Stravinsky's "Rite of Spring" is "Night of the Maya" by Reveultas, and closing with the crowd pleasing "Brazilian Dance" by Guarnieri. I'm not too fond of Stravinsky's Rite, myself, but I find "Night of the Maya" more accessible and evocative.

Gabrieli Consort & Players
Paul McCreesh, cond.
ARCHIVE 471 694
2 CD set
ISBN# 0 28947 16942 0
Excellent musicianship paired with historical research makes this a real find. This 2 CD set captures the music from a particular historic event: "Music for the translation of the blessed sacrament into the Collegiate Church of San Pedro in Lerma (Spain). First vespers and the Salve Service as it was celebrated in October 1617 in the presence of King Philip III and the Duke of Lerma." As with music events to this day, it included works from earlier time periods and contemporary works. The range is from the mid 1500s to 1617.
I mentioned on air that for a "total immersion gift" this book, one of my favorites, paired with the CD above would practically transport you back to the turn of the 1600s!

The Book of the Courtier
Baldasar Castiglione
Written while living in the court of the Duke of Urbino, Castiglione's work details conversations & discussions about what constitutes the perfect Courtier and Lady. This is one of my favorite books, perhaps becuase it shows that what we humans consider to laudible in character and behavior has changed so little over the centuries. If I recall correctly, the Duke of Lerma and his court are mentioned in this book; in any case, the court of the Duke of Urbino is certainly "of a kind" with the Duke of Lerma's. The pairing of this music and book would be a comprehensive gift for a creative anachronist and/or history buff. (Available online - in several print versions from different publishers.)

Winning works of the
2010 Bassoon Chamber
Music Composition Competition
Paula Brusky, bassoon
BCMCC Chamber Players
MSR 1367
ISBN# 6 81585 13672 0
If your taste in music is aggressively modern & atonal... this is for you. I adore the bassoon, but I love it for it's mellow melodic vocal qualities, and that isn't how it's being used here. We're exploring the edges of sound possible for the bassoon in these works, pushing the limits, and that is precisely why these works won a bassoon champer composition competition. Fascinating for a bassoonist, without doubt. On air I played the most accessible of this group, a handful of minatures. These are still edgy... they are an hommage to Stravinsky. You atonal, experimental modernists know who you are. This one is for you!

I hope you enjoied these new CDs... Just Opened!
Kara Dahl Russell

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