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Friday, October 21, 2011

Just Opened, Friday Oct. 21, 2011

"DRIVE IN FIVE" Fall Fundraiser
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Christopher O'Riley, piano
Matt Haimovitz, cell
2 CD set
Oxingale Records 2019
Released on Sept. 27, 2011
Host of "From the Top," Christopher O'Riley is a magnificent pianist, joined here by cellist Matt Haimovitz. This 2 CD set is self sub-titled "A collaboration that blurs the boundaries between classical and pop." This could be the perfect gift for someone who is unfamiliar with classical music, and this particular combination of cello and piano chamber music. In a program mix intentionally intended to be downloaded and shuffled, or self-selected, the first CD intersperces a transcription of Franz Waxman's evocative "Vertigo" film score, with works by modern composers like Janacek, Piazzola and Stravinsky. The second CD features transcriptions of music by rock and pop bands, against/with compositions by John McLaughlin (host of Exploring Music and St. Paul Sunday).

Georg Philipp Telemann
Freiburg Baroque Orch.
Petra Mullejans, cond.
Gottfried Von Der Goltz, cond.
4 CD set
Harmonia Mundi 902042.45
ISBN #7 94881 96772 8
MY DELIGHT OF THE WEEK! The magnificent performances of Freiburg Baroque Orchestra (conducted by 2 over the course of the full set- Mullejans, and Von Der Goltz) in a truly "table worthy" - coffee table, that is - presentation that is beautiful and the art work is witty and graphically simple and strong. Of course the set has the informative booklet that one has come to expect. Works from Overture suites to Sonatas and Quintets. Lovely. Contented sigh!
The Early Quartets
The Budapest Quartet
(from live recordings made
at the Library of Congress,
ISBN# 0 90404 93422 3
This 2 CD set is a cleaned-up, digitalization of reel-to-reel recordings made of the Budapest Quartet playing live at the Library of Congress. As I said on air, if you are an audiofile who must have flawlessly clean sound, this will not be your cup of tea, there is still some background hiss in many sections. BUT: if you are a music lover who is interested in historic performances and hearing the interpretation of works by great chamber groups of the past, this is it!

Liszt, my piano hero
Lang Lang, piano
Vienna Philharmonic
Valery Gergiev, cond.
SONY 891412
ISBN# 8 8697 89141 2 5
Release Date Oct. 4, 2011, Companion DVD release: Nov. 22, 2011
Piano phenomenon Lang Lang lends his exhuberant attention to the intricate and beautiful work of legendary pianist Franz Liszt. 2011 is the 200th anniversary of Liszt's birth year, so we can expect many many releases of his work. Lang Lang is one of a kind. He has tackled almost every composer and genre in his breathtaking career so far. In the days of Chopin, Liszt and Schumann a pianist was not considered a real concert artist until he was playing his own compositions. Lang Lang is still young. It will be fascinating to see what he composes when he gets around to it. Until then, we have his magnificent performances of the works of great composers, entertaining, powerful, musical, magical.

We hope you enjoied JUST OPENED, and tune in next Friday at 1PM for new realeases, just opened, with a Halloween-y flavor!
Kara Dahl Russell

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