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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

JUST OPENED, Friday July 8th, 2011

My thanks to our Producer and on-air host Chris Ranck for choosing the Just Opened selections this week. It gives you a little window on his musical taste to hear his choices.

Saint Saens & Schmann Cello Concertos
early recordings/re-mastered
w/ various orchestras & cond.
2 CD set
D.G. 4776505
ISBN# 0 28947 76505 9
The science of digitally re-mastering old mono recordings has gotten so good, it has become a real treat to hear the all-time-greats that were only recently consigned to the bargain bin. Here we have a two CD set of cello master Rostropovich playing magnificent, timeless works with some of the world's greatest orchestras. In the day these recordings were made, most people could only dream of traveling to see/hear him live. Now - here he is, at your fingertips in a 2 CD set. He has to be heard for his reputation to be understood, and now, thankfully, we can! This is my delight of the week!

Olde Friends Concert Artists
ISBN# 0 44747 2658 2 7
This CD is very much the kind of varied performer presentation you would get at a well planned chamber group recital. Vocal selections with varied accompaniment punctuate instrumental works, all by Telemann and Bach. Well planned, beautifully executed and excellently performed.

Plays Chopin -
The Warsaw Recital
D.G. 15384
ISBN# 0 28947 79519 3
We revisited this CD from Just Opened a few weeks ago. Barenboim's magnificent recital of Chopin works recorded live.

Mendelssohn Trios
ISBN# 0 26724 67862 2
The award-winning Claremont Trio, impossibly talented (and magazine-cover beautiful), play two minor key trios by Felix Mendelssohn.

The Rubenstein Collection
Chopin Preludes and Sonatas
This CD is part of a large collection of remastered original recordings by Arthur Rubenstein. (This particular set is not as clear as the Rostropovich, unfortunately.) If you are an unyielding audiofile who likes your music pristine, clear, and with no perceptible hiss, this is not the CD or set for you. If you are a history buff or student of piano performance who relishes the opportunity to hear recordings of great masters of the past, you won't want to miss this, but be prepared for some audio hiss reminiscent of listening to old 78 LPs.
** Do not confuse this CD collection with RCA's "Chopin Collection" played by Arthur Rubenstein; that collection is a smaller set, and the sound is much cleaner.

Thanks for listening. Join me again this Friday for more new releases, JUST OPENED.
Kara Dahl Russell

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