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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Classical podcast-o-rama Volume 2

Did you know many of the programs we play on WSCL can also be heard as podcasts? If Sunday evening at 5PM, for example, is not a time you can catch "From the Top", you can always listen to the podcast version at your convenience. If you are a teacher, this is a great way to use classical music in your classroom.

Or, if you like, you can catch the latest Piano Puzzler podcast from Performance Today.

Unfortunately, the rules for podcasts are very murky. You tend not to find podcasts of full music programs because of copyright issues. The idea being that if you happened to be able to download full versions of recorded music (even if it was embedded in someone else's programming) you could theoretically be violating copyright laws. Harmonia, the early music show we play Sunday evenings at 9PM, for example, doesn't have a full recording of the show. We the can do, however, is provide a shortened version of the show with highlights and the occasional review. Just click on the podcast link to listen.

Another fun podcast (and a great free tool for teachers) is American Public Media's Composer's Datebook podcast. The Show is a bite-sized look at "this day in classical music history" and runs just two minutes or so long.

Don't forget- we also have a Podcast of our "Classical Chat" series. If you miss a particular interview, don't fret- you can always search the archives to find it.

If you have an Apple iPhone or iPad, a Google smart phone, or just a computer, you can listen to any of these podcasts as your leisure. The best part is- they're free!

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