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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Public Radio Delmarva is My Source for.....

How would you finish this sentence?

"I'm (your name) from (your town) and Public Radio Delmarva is my source for...._________..."

Is Public Radio Delmarva your trusted source for news? Soothing classical music? Car Talk? Relaxing on a sunny Saturday with the Metropolitan Opera?

Whatever the reasons you listen and contribute to Public Radio Delmarva, here is your chance to share your story with other listeners. You can share a written comment, upload a recorded testimonial or even a short video. When you finish, click here to upload your message.

One rule: Your statement MUST contain the sentence...

I'm (your name) from (your town) and Public Radio Delmarva is my source for...._________...

However you choose to complete that sentence is up to you!

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