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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

In Classical Music news

From the New York Post comes a story that the New York Times Co. may be selling it's radio station, WQXR 96.3 FM - the Big Apple's only classical music station. Reportedly, the news comes amid shrinking revenues and stock at the company. An interested buyer is reported to be ESPN, who is looking to move their local sports affiliate from an AM to and FM channel. Full story here: If it all goes through, there may be no classical music station in the nation's biggest city. Can you imagine?

According to the New York Times, Polish pianist Krystian Zimmerman announced from a stage in Los Angeles (in the middle of a solo recital) that this would be his last American concert appearance, in protest of the country's military policies. The pianist was reported to have said, "Get your hands off my country," alluding to US plans to build a missile interceptor base in Poland. His statement was greeted with some boos, some cheers, and a number of walkouts. Zimmerman is not the first artist of international stature to have found this country less than welcoming - when he came to this country for a tour shortly after 9/11, the Steinway he travelled with was destroyed by the transportation security administration, apparently because the glue that holds it together resembles an explosive compound. Of course, something like that might put any visitor off a return visit... Full story here.



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